Canadian War Brides
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Thousands of Canadian war brides shared their stories, glad and tragic, with WREN,
writer, weaver and war bride Eswyn Lyster. She gathers their intimate experiences and
the currents of history with the thread of her own life.

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Updates & reviews - 28 June '11
*Soon to be subject of film documentary

Eswyn's messages 2001-2009

Citizenship issues - 1 Jan '11
Bev Tosh's war bride paintings, Royal BC Museum - 11 May '08
Eswyn's Wikipedia page
Eswyn's testimony to the Parliamentary committee on citizenship
Canadian WWII Warbrides
Most Excellent Citizens
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Eswyn Lyster with her finished
manscript, 11 days before
going into hospital.
Eswyn with finished manuscript
May 2009

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