Brian CROW K3VR is a Sexual Deviant, Paedophile & Coprophiliac


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In virtually every case, these are ‘tight’ quotations ~up to academic standards, unless otherwise indicated. Emphasis in red was added. Comments in square brackets are editorial. Readers may also find the red bullets, sometimes in a group, more interesting.  Reasoning, when ‘connecting the dots’, required….



Sam VORON VK2BVS to Brian ‘Paedophile’ CROW K3VR in “Iraq - weeks to go - what are hams doing?” On 10 Feb ‘03



Sam VK2BVS to Brian ‘Paedophile’ CROW K3VR in “Iraq - weeks to go - what are hams doing?” On 11 Feb ‘03



CHD Activity Calendar [suspicions that Brian likes “flower arranging” & related activities, confirmed] 24 Oct ’03



“George Orwell” re: Ian CROW in  2 Nov ‘03



“QRZdotCOM” on 4 Nov ‘04



Brian ‘Jamming’ CROW K3VR in “QRZ Criticized Over Refusal to List K1MAN” on 4 Nov ‘04



Thanks ROGER for proving that you are, in fact, the WORLD'S LARGEST and STINKIEST PUSSY masquerading as a man!

And don't forget to visit Roger's very own website...

Thank You for playing Roger.
You'll be contacted by an FBI Field Agent who'll show you what you have won!


Psycho Brian’s early Sexual Deviance/misbehaviour/threats re: the FBI/“Lew” in 31 Dec ‘04



“Mo” in “K3VR-W4ASX Butt Hole Buddies?” on 18 Sep ’05 [link courtesy SARC]



Bill O. Rights in “Hecklers” hearing Psycho Brian K3VR on The FRN Grapevines 5 Nov ‘05



Brian ‘Coprophiliac’ CROW K3VR in “Glenn Baxter, K1MAN Fined $21,000” on 15 Apr ‘06



Glenn K1MAN telling the inconvenient truth that Brian likes “jamming” Boy Scouts, in AARA Radio Digest Update on 24 Apr ‘06



Brian ‘Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “MAN” [sic] on the bath-house door 24 Oct ’06



Brian CROW K3VR’s early Elements of Coprophiliac Style [ß compare/contrast] in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 8 Nov ‘06



Brian ‘Anal Retentive’ CROW K3VR’s continuing ‘potty obsession’ in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 13 Nov ‘06


·         This Bond is another dreamy dish I'd like to wrap my arms around and snuggle with. His eyes make me feel all tingly and warm inside!! More, more, more!  [ß Susannah, get tested for STD’s & HIV/Aids.]

Brian ‘Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR FRAUDulently posting as “Karol Madera” on “Daniel Craig makes his 007 debut…” 18 Nov ‘06


Brian ‘Sexual Deviant’ CROW K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on 3 Dec ‘06



Todd Daugherty N9OGL [no friend of mine] to Brian CROW K3VR SPAM’ing, on Todd’s BLOG 3 Jan ‘07


·         I like Brit's hair. She reminds me of a boy I used to date. I tried to quit drinking and doing drugs several times but it's hard. Good luck to you Ms. Spears.  [Susannah, again, take note!]


Brian ‘Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Britney goes to rehab in the ‘bu” 21 Feb ‘07



Brian ‘180 Degree Phase-Reversed’ CROW K3VR needs “special treatment” in “VE7KFM is on” on 26 Mar ‘07



Ed KB3JGU to Brian CROW K3VR and Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob & Co., in “VE7KFM is on” on 31 Mar ‘07



Brian ‘FCC Snitch’ K3VR ‘sucking’ e-mail to Riley titled “Tolassi Report #3” [Cc Barre Chief of Police] 7 May ‘07



“THIS REALLY DID HAPPEN” in “When The Gavel Falls” 28 Jun ’07 [IF this is our Brian—it would explain a lot.]



Todd N9OGL [no friend of mine] in “Something…by…ASSHOLE BRIAN “STUPID FUCK” CROW” on 14 Jul ‘07


·         If you can believe this, someone has gotten into a gay porn site and used my email address.  I've gotten over 100 of these activation emails asking me to click here to activate my account.   Very strange.  Who would do that?  And the weird thing is...I'm not even gay....   [Again, three guesses and again, the 1st two don’t count.]


ToeJoe N9PH getting stalked by Psycho Brian in “K1MAN and N9OGL…” on 20 Aug ‘07



ToeJoe N9PH in “K1MAN and N9OGL…” on 20 Aug ’07



ToeJoe N9PH to Bob NA4BH [Brian’s ‘QeerZ’ buffoon/toady] in “K1MAN and N9OGL…” on 20 Aug ‘07



ToeJoe N9PH ~addressing Brian K3VR’s repeated & patent ‘fecal fixation’ on “Trash on 14.275” on 28 Aug ‘07



“Bean Picker” cogent unsolicited e-mail 28 Aug ‘07



Jack AA9YA’s cogent diagnosis of Brian K3VR & Co., in “Ever Wonder??” on 29 Aug ‘07



“Brian C” e-mail to Gordon N6WK 30 Aug ‘07



“Sent to Hospital” [it’s not clear if the hospital was a psychiatric one or not] in 4 Sep ‘07



Daniel KC9KOW [Brian CROW K3VR’s ‘fawning faggot friend’] in “Constant Carrier on 14.275” on 24 Sep ‘07



Brian ‘Innocent CROW’ K3VR posing as “Sophie” [my 80 year-old ill Mother’s name] on Rolville USA ~20 Nov ’07



Mark KB9RQZ in “WANTED Info on possible child sex offender” on ACCOUNTS OF THE KOSHER HAM 21 Nov ‘07


Tom KC9ECI a former reasonable Moderator on QRZ in


‘No More Trolls’, from Elyria, OH [a.k.a. Brian] in K3VR TOPIX, linking to his vile submission on 29 Dec ‘07



Brian ‘Shit Disturber CROW’ K3VR ‘droppings’ about Gordon’s ‘QeerZ’ posts, on his FRAUDulent site ‘as if mine’ 7 Apr ‘08



Mark KB9RQZ about a HS radio demo from CO planned on 14.270 MHz as reported in N9OGL’s Blog 26 Apr ‘08



Brian K3VR ‘doth protest too much’—too soon—or was that too late [see immediately below] in “Ham headed for jail” on 27 Apr ‘08



Todd N9OGL aide-memoire to Brian ‘Forgetful CROW’ K3VR [see also deja vu below] in “Ham headed for jail” on 27 Apr ‘08



Brian K3VR a.k.a. “Frauline Freda Hobbssplot” in “It’s the Gre8t Lib Net Half-Time Shoow!” on 8 Oct ‘06



Brian ‘Closet Faggot’ CROW K3VR’s telling 1st step to admitting the obvious, on his FRAUDulent site ‘as if mine’ 28 Apr ‘08



“zitazoid” to Todd after ‘Psycho’ provoked/had him banned, in “SUPRISE SUPRISE” [sic] on his N9OGLvoice 29 Apr ‘08



“zitazoid” after more of Brian ‘Girlie-Man’ CROW’s histrionics, in “SUPRISE SUPRISE” [sic] on his N9OGLvoice 29 Apr ‘08



N9OGL on 5 Jun ‘08





Dave KB2SQP to Brian ‘Retard CROW’ K3VR in “14.275 MHz” on 30 Jul ‘08



K3VR’s Blog 4 Aug ‘08






Danny AD5MB [about Brian’s 15 year olds?] in “Who ever e-mail this to a member” on 28 Jan ‘09



Bill W6WBJ to a Fucktard [Brian in one of his disguises?] in “Live Hams Chat” on < 3 Feb ‘09



Brian Coprophiliac’ CROW K3VR’s same shit/different targets, thread title on 10 Feb ‘09



gordon weare [NZ] to “Jean Lacroix” [a.k.a. our ‘Psycho’ Brian CROW K3VR]  in 



Elements of Brian ‘Hyper Homo-Sexual’ CROW K3VR Coprophiliac ‘spoof’ of Laura’s  e-mail leaked  to him by Randy BEST W7CPA 3 Mar ‘09


·         Online repartee referred to Ms. Smith's communication as a "1,000 word rant" that one reader described as “PMS on Steroids.”  [ß That “repartee”, “rant” and PMS slur were not only YOURS but were and are on YOUR FRAUDulent website where the current subject piece of shit also resides, Psycho!]


Brian ‘Obsessive CROW’ K3VR ratcheting up the ugliness some more, on his anon. website 6 Mar ‘09



Jim in “No legal charges in Pittsburgh bath house death” on Pittsburgh Forum 14 Mar ‘09



Brian Coprophiliac CROW K3VR, having snookered Laura, harassing/trying to SCARE Mark KB9RQZ 23 May ‘09


Encyclopedia Dramatica yanking Brian CROW’s “cuntpasting” from his psychotic sub-site about Todd N9OGL 29 Jul ‘09


ToeJoe N9PH pointing out Crow’s potty training issues, again, in “Crows” on 30 Jul ‘09



Coprophiliac Brian on Todd’s 20 Aug ‘09



Glenn K1MAN open e-mail to K5TER Cc on Jon K1TP’s AWT website 28 Aug ‘09



Brian K3VR to his ‘butt buddy’ Randy W7CPA as monitored on 14.272.5 MHz @ 0618 PST 25 Feb ‘10


Read more here:


A very cogent series of comments about CROW’s Shitty Nest on NIMbusters on All [Lost] Souls’ Day ‘10



Psycho Brian CROW the most prolific/abusive Coprophiliac on NIMbusters—a forum verging on the insane [Bravo!]—admits to being a ‘shit throwing bastard’ 3 Nov ‘10



“SH” succinctly describing Brian ‘Dick-Sucker’ CROW K3VR’s latest rekindled/continuing OBSESSION w/ Glenn K1MAN on NIMbusters 4 Nov ‘10



Rebecca McKeever [née CROW] to her Psycho Bro., the demonstrated/demented ‘Harasser’ K3VR on NIMbusters 7 Nov ‘10



3 Questions to each of which Brian replied w/ this curious non sequitur: “*yawn* brian doesn't post here dickhead, check his address on qrz on NIMbusters 7 Nov ‘10



Rebecca McKeever [née CROW] to her mother about Brian, her “crazed madman” brother K3VR on NIMbusters 8 Nov ‘10



Diana L. CROW = Brian’s mother [who spared the rod and spoiled the child] posting on NIMbusters 8 Nov ‘10



ha ha ha on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10 a.k.a. Brian CROW K3VR—demonstrating that he’s a Sociopath—NOT a psychiatrist, psychologist or even psychotherapist—on NIMbusters 15 Nov ‘10



Psycho Brian CROW masquerading as/dictating his Coprophilia to WX4QN [?] in “Field Day Disgrace” eHAM 2 Jul ‘11


·   Todd, when was the last time you sucked Mark's cock AND swallowed. I have a bet going with Riley. I say you're a spitter, he says you're a swallower. Be honest and I might let you keep your Wally World job, but your ham ticket is toast. Sorry.


Brian ‘Expert Cock-Sucker’ CROW K3VR posting as Laura SMITH attacking Todd N9OGL & Mark KB9RQZ as usual Ping Todd - Laura 3/23/2013 12:39AM on NIMBUSTERS 23 Mar ‘13


·    Keep my callsign off your lips, you asshole, or else I'm going to stick my tongue so far up your ~rectum that I'll be the first to taste what you are having for dinner.


Brian ‘Coprophiliac’ CROW getting his last [or was that 1st?] “licks” in, HI, further to Todd N9OGL’s eHAM take-down of his Van. Isle butt-buddy Gerry VE7DCW on 18 Aug ‘13




If you want to get a true measure of Brian ‘Psycho’ CROW K3VR and his incredibly vile nature/ways, see if you can track him in action on NIMBUSTERS here:




and here:


If anything turns on these quotes—be it as “similar fact evidence” in your Criminal Complaint to your local or Federal Law Enforcement, amateur-radio-related Complaint to Laura L. SMITH a.k.a. “SCARE” at the FCC [], or generally/alternately to, or for your Civil Court case against Brian CROW & Gang, or otherwise—save the earlier fuller quotes/versions—as well as the originals and sources—some of which have a curious tendency to ‘disparue’ altogether, HI, shortly after excerpts therefrom are posted here….


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