POLAND - 2007

Friends, Old & New

A Familiar Friend

Sofia always remembers Klaudia who is there every year. Whenever Sofia comes to my house we always look at photos and she gets excited when she see's Klaudia's picture.


Klementina is Sofia's babysitter in Poland.

Sema - Another good friend.

Sema is the daughter of one of Momma's good friends who came to visit. The girls obviously had lots of fun together -- I can tell from the photographs and the smiles on their faces.

Sofia makes new friends easily. She is easily approachable, not shy, and her smile, of course, is very inviting. There is something magical about it and everyone she meets seems immediately taken by her.

Sofia only met this young friend briefly and doesn't remember her name. Maybe next year...

A Special Old Friend

When Sofia was in Edmonton for her heart surgery (2002), she shared a room with a little eight year old girl, Shelby, who was having her second heart surgery. Again, this year in August, Shelby had a third surgery on her heart which turned out OK. Shelby is now 13 years old and we still keep in touch with her family. She has certainly changed from a little girl into a very nice young lady. Shelby follows Sofia's exploits on this website!

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