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Hello. Falconweb is a small design crew that specializes in building websites for small to medium-sized businesses & individuals. We also create awesome logos, restore photos and other digital stuff. We're here to help make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about us or get in touch if you would like to hire us for your next project.

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Creative Ideas

Amazing results are what drive us, and we love to journey side by side with our clients to bridge the gap between creativity & strategic business outcomes.


An original, creative layout goes a long way to improving the user experience of a website, although not letting creativity get in the way of usability is important.

Design and Development

Being small enables us to work efficiently and effectively, to offer high calibre design and development solutions at competitive prices.

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Our services...

Web Design

Our designs are created with the end-user in mind. We won't design a site that relies on the assumption that all of your viewers will have high-speed internet connectivity as is required to view some of today's multimedia-choked websites. You'll be assisted from design concept & development, through to posting your new website to the web space provider of your choice.

Photo Restoration

Typically these are old photos that you or your grandparents have hung on to that are sitting in a shoebox somewhere or a photo album tucked away & forgotten. As they've aged, these photos are probably yellowed & torn with multiple scratches and other miscellaneous marks on them. Once scanned, we'll do our best to restore the photo's original black & white or colour quality.

Video Conversions

We'll bet you don't want to lose all those memories you have stored away on 8mm film, old VHS tapes or your many photo albums? In most cases we're able to transfer those 8mm films, VHS tapes & photos to DVD format. As an added bonus, we can enhance your old video collection & jazz it up some, by adding all sorts of extras such as titling, transitions & background music.

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Featured work...

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Who we are...

Our primary business is providing website creation services to small & medium-sized companies and individuals looking to develop a presence on the internet. While we don't dabble with sites such as eCommerce shopping or database-driven catalogs, we can certainly help you discover in what way you could become visible on the internet by means of a website.

You will be assisted throughout the website lifecycle... from design concept, to web page development, through to posting your new website to the web space provider of your choice.

You may also choose after the website has gone live to manage the website maintenance yourself from your own PC... or you can continue to utilize our services to support your new site.

Fees & Hourly Rate

We don't employ any complicated formulae to calculate what you'll be charged. Our rate for all work completed is charged at the hourly rate of $40/hour, in half-hour increments.

Website Hosting

Looking for reliable website host? If you need a full service Internet company that can provide professional, high-performance Internet business solutions for small to medium-sized companies, try WorldWideWeb Manitoba's .

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