Can you tell which is real and which is fake?


Buyers beware!  Fake / Knockoff  2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD Cards are being sold on Ebay by the following seller:

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The knockoff SD card was purchased off EBAY from the above seller, from auctions such as the following:


The auction describes the item as "Brand New 2G SanDisk Ultra II SD Card".  To the typical consumer, one would not notice the subtle differences of these counterfeit SD cards.  They look the same, and they work.  However, with extensive comparisons performed between the FAKE SD card and an authentic, retail SD card purchased from a reputable chain store, we reveal the differences found...

Below are some detailed macro-shots of the two cards.  Click on the images for the hi-resolution image.





Note the differences in label quality.  The knockoff labeling illustrates clear signs of

As well, obvious differences include the manufacturing print on the back, the contacts (clearly used - but was listed as brand new), housing, etc. With the obvious visible flaws revealed, we now examine some of the lesser visible differences!  


Below is the card info for the two cards.  Note the discrepancies in the manufacturer info, serial numbering convention (serial numbers here are masked), and even space available.  Clearly, this is NOT a "SanDisk", not even an OEM version.




Finally, where it counts the most:

Performance - The below benchmarks were taken with Sandra 2005.  While the knockoff seemed to perform fairly well in terms of peak initial throughput, it falls short for sustained throughput of larger files...


Reliability - SanDisk guarantees their products for a lifetime.  If your memory card goes defective, they will replace it.  If your knockoff goes defective, you are outta luck!


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Have you been tricked into purchasing a counterfeit memory card?
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