We offer four fish varieties: halibut, haddock, cod, and rock fish. Halibut, the most tender
is also the most popular, yet haddock, an East Coast fish is becoming very popular
as well. All are white meat and deep fry well. We will serve you a richer or lighter
battered product-your choice.

Our chips are really great, cut daily they are pre-blanched, freshly cooked,
and offered in generous portions.

Hand made patties, local bakery buns, a mountain of fresh vegetables topped
with a thick slice of real cheddar cheese and fried onions have made our burgers
award winners. Of course if it's fish you want try a freshly grilled halibut burger,
and for the adventurer our deep fried oyster burger is a treat. All burgers come
with chips because a burger without chips is like a day without sunshine.

Check out our menu for great side orders, family combos, and pricing.