Welcome to the Esperologist Nexus.
Some of you may know me by my handle (Esperologist) and other by my name (Roy). In person, I am quite shy unless certain conditions are met. My handle is like a mask, allowing me to try and put on a less shy persona.
What does that mean to you? Well, online I am more likely to respond when called by my handle or a form there of. Some common variations are Espe or Esper. What does all this mean to you? Well, if you meet me online, I encourage you to not use my real name... I may not know you are talking to me. If you meet me in person... which you use is up to you. No one has yet used my handle in person, so not telling how I'll respond. I may be my usual shy self, of using my handle could be enough to make me feel more bold with you.

You may be wondering now, why is this only one page? Well, it has been a while since I have scripted in HTML. As such, I have decided to take down my site until I get back into it. When I do rebuild my site again, I'll announce it on my YouTube channel. If you want to find me on YouTube, just search for my handle (esperologist)... if you want to find me online, search for my handle. If a site shows up that looks like an odd place for me to be at, drop me a personal message on YouTube and let me know, I'll verify if it is me there.
Advance ---> * Insert evil maniacal laughter here. * <---Advance