Lindblad Explorer (1969)

Lost at sea. Sank Nov. 23, 2007 at 62°24′S, 57°16′W in the Bransfield Strait.
IMO Number

Nystads varv Ab, Nystad, Finland

239' (72.88m)
46' (14m)
13.8' (4.20m)
Max Psgr Capy
Berth Capy

No. of Cabins


1969: Delivered to K/S A/S Explorer & Co, Oslo, Norway.

1972-02-11: Ran aground near La Plaza Point, Antarctica, towed to Buenos Aires, then to Kristiansand for repairs.

1972-06: Sold to United Cruising Co., Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas (Ab Svenska Amerika Linjen, Göteborg) and registered in Panama.

1980: Sold to Lindblad Swire Cruises Ltd., Panama.

1982-07: Sold to Salénia Ab, Stockholm.

1983-12: Sold to Ferry Services Curacao NV, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles.

1984: Became the first passenger ship to traverse the Northwest Passage.

1985-10: Sold to Vienna International Shipping Corp., Nassau, Bahamas. (Discoverer Reederei, GmbH, Germany). Renamed Society Explorer.

1985: Refurbished at Sembawang, Singapore.

Possibly named World Explorer after 1985.

1989-10: Reflagged to Monrovia, Liberia.

1992: Sold to Explorer Shipping, Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed Explorer.

1993: Refit.

2003-11-17: Sold to Kyris Shipping Ltd., Monaco. Still flagged in Liberia as of 2003-12-03.

2004 (Summer): Refurbished.

2004-11-01: Sold to G.A.P Adventures, Toronto.

2007-11-23: A passenger reported sea water in the cabin at about 03:00 UTC in the Bransfield Strait, Antarctica. It is thought that she struck submerged ice, holing her starboard quarter. Although some reports indicate there had been no noticeable impact, or at least no more than the normal crunching of ice when sailing through icy waters, a report published in the Ottawa Citizen indicated a loud bang. That report also indicated that the ship drifted into an iceberg on the starboard side while the crew was assessing the original leakage. This report would appear to explain how the ship was holed towards the rear. Explorer issued a distress call at 04:24 UTC, before ording passengers and crew to abandon ship. All 154 passengers and crew were evacuated to lifeboats by 07:30 UTC and were rescued by the Hurtigruten vessel Nordnorge, which arrived on scene by 10:00 UTC. National Geographic Endeavour arrived at the same time and assisted the rescue. Explorer sank at about 19:00 UTC.

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