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Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers, Third Canadian Edition Book Cover

Documentation, Plagiarism, Grammar, and Writing Resources
note: these are designed for my English Writing and Literature students but are available to other users: however, I recommend you check with your instructor on style and documentation matters

Documentation-first use your assigned course text  and if you wish use The Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers the third edition, on the left, which has open access to exercises, diagnostics, and blue pencil-editing exercises.  I recommend you use these.

What is Plagiarism?

Style Guides

Grammar and Writing Matters

Dictionaries, Encyclopaedia, and Writing References

ESL interactive Learning Resources

  • The Learning Resources Site offers web-delivered instruction using current and past CNN San Francisco bureau news stories. The Western/Pacific Literacy Network and the CNN San Francisco bureau have partnered to develop an online literacy site that will allow you to develop reading comprehension, listening skills, and higher order sequencing using current news stories. It provides a new story every week and is an excellent site for providing new material weekly.    If your computer supports video and sound, you can see and hear the actual news clip from CNN.  Choose "Story of the Week"  or select one topic from the "Story Archives" on the left side of  your screen. Once you load the story of your choice, Look on the main section of the screen and click on "Story" rather than "Abridged Story" or "Story Outline."   Both the original site and Beta site are useful.

  • Purdue University's site for ESL with links  to tutorials, grammar handouts, idioms, phrasal verbs, on-line grammar courses, and academic conventions. Most of these sites have interactive work after you read the section.

  • Studycom's on-line English Courses (all free).   When you access this site, click on the word Students on the left column menu.   You will then see a range of activities including a menu of courses and access to chat lines that you may wish to play around with.

  • Business English Hangman a site to while away the hours, for those with fond memories of hangman.

  • Edgamesandart.com has many games to help you learn English, and even better, Science hangman.

  • The George Washington University Study Hall has categories such as reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and discussion.

  • Ruth Vilmi's exercises developed for the internet TESL journal site..

  • Business English  is like the next two a commercial site, with free exercises, idiomatic expressions, and a focus on business.

  • ESL Cafe  from Dave Sperling

  • Activities for ESL Students  part of the on-line TESL Journal series of  about 900 interactive quizzes, predominantly U.S. based, that provide instruction, drill, and correction / review. All are easy to use and embedded in contextual practices

  • Karin's ESL Partyland from Karin Citron

  • Activities for ESL/EFL Students  from simple to more advanced, across the grades and between various languages, similar to BBC World Service - Learning English Home Page, English Banana.com:es, The EFL Playhouse--A Resource for Teachers of Young Learners Various K-12 links, Genki English


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