Pace Whistler (TDC770D)

CBS Model
562 - Rental
567 - Purchase

Width – 15 in
Depth – 15 in
Height – 3 in 

• Dual video tuners allowing two channels to be watched or recorded
• HDMI output (HDMI version 1.1). HDMI cable included with each purchase
• External hard drive expansion through SATA connectivity
• Advanced HD Diagnostic Menu (see Diagnostic Dashboard document for details)
• Advanced User Settings Menu
• Advanced Front Panel Display – clean looking, easy-to-read front panel, with LED indicators for resolution and to indicate recording in progress on 1 or 2 tuners. Whistler also has a brightness control for the front panel.
• Pause, rewind, play 2 live HD broadcasts simultaneously
• High Definition video, Dolby 5.1 audio
• Interactive program guide, access to PPV Movies & Events in HD
• IR Receive (tether included) allows unit to be hidden, and the IR extender visible to control function

System Processor/Memory
• Minimum 420 Dhrystone MIPS processor
• 32 MB FLASH memory
• 128 MB DDR
• 160 GB Hard Drive let’s you record:
o Up to 25 hours of HD
o Up to 125 hours of Digital SD
o Up to 50 hours of analog SD

Audio/Video Connections
• S-Video
• Component Video
• Coax, RCA