World at War
 High complexity 
 Medium diplomacy

World at War assumes that a global war is about to break out on the planet (similar to WWII on Earth) and each player is in charge of one of the countries. This is a strategic level game, with the map consisting of irregular shaped areas, turns being 2-3 months, land units being mostly divisions, air units are squadrons and naval units are groups of ships. Some of the items in the game include:

WW Training
Is a game with just 1 player in it, everything else is controlled by the computer, and turns run only when the player gets a turn in. All new players must play in a training game.
WW Team Game
Is a two sided game with 1 to 10 players a side.
WW Head to Head
The head to head variant is a 2-player version in which turns run as soon as both players have submitted orders.
WW Basic
Is a version of the game without supplies, FD, FL, LM, HM, airbases and ports. Currently no longer available.


Rules 8.06 2014-Apr-27
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Sample 2 & 12 player map from Win-WW


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Win-WW version 11.0 all games  2008-Aug-11
Win-WW version 10.1 limited intel  2008-May-29
Win-WW version 9.14  2008-Mar-15
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