L. S. Taylor


Heya. I'm Laura, and I also go by the semi-pretentious pen name of L. S. Taylor ("L. S." stands for Laura Sheana, for those of you who're curious). I write Fantasy. With any luck, someday soon I'll be able to put pictures up here of the novels I've published. For now, though, I'm a writer and interviewer for Enchanted Visions E-Zine, with whom I've published three short stories, Healer's Magic, Healer's Journey, and Healer's War (Read them if you're bored, and then tell me what you think; I'm a total feedback whore. ;)


Really bored? The first three chapters of my novel-in-progress are available for reading here.


I'm also known Eleika, and that's the handle I go by on most websites, like Speculative Vision and Livejournal, and the forum at Scandal Sheet!, where you may have found this link. That's about it; you can find my bio at the bottom of the stories at Enchanted Visions. 


Or, if you want to subject yourself to my rantings and ravings, you can always read my Livejournal.



Eleika / Laura