How to play Erhu?

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  1) In order to learn an instrument, you have to learn the proper way to play it first...

Sitting Position    Left Hand Position    Right Hand Position    Angles



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First, the person should sit comfortably with his/her legs slightly open. Left foot slightly forwarded. Rest his/her left hand on the neck of erhu and hold the bow and bow-strings with his/her right hand.







Left hand fingers are naturally placed on the strings. The Erhu is generally tune to D and A chords on the inner and outer strings respectively. Since there is no fingerboard on Erhu, so to apply the appropriate amount of finger pressure on the Erhu's strings play a crucial role in Erhu music's expression. Remember, press the strings with your fingertips not fingernails!








Use the right thumb and the index finger to hold the bow. Put the middle and the ring finger between the bow and the bow string. Use the wrist to push and pull the bow to produce sound.









And the final rule is "Everything has to be in 45 degrees!" These include: 1) the angle between your left shoulder and the neck of Erhu; 2) the angle between your left arm ankle and the body of Erhu.



  2) After you have learnt the right positions to play erhu, you can now move on to the next stage...
    The Basic Theory of Reading the Erhu Notes.


  3) Last, you can go to the Erhu Practice Room to practice your skill in playing erhu! ^_^ (sorry, this website is in Chinese)


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