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Coming soon TGRM 1A1 American Grenades

Completely rewritten Vol 1 with many corrections, much new information, and many more grenades detailed.


The Grenade Recognition Manual

Vol 3.

"Warsaw Pact"

This volume has chapters dealing with grenades produced by Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Albania, Lithuania, and Estonia.  Also contains chapter on fillings, markings, etc.

The book has 169 pages and details over 200 grenades and fuzes used by the countries of the Warsaw Pact from the early 1900's to current.

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"The Grenade Recognition Manual

Vol. 2, 

British and Commonwealth Grenades and Accessories"  

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Limited quantity available.

Updates to Volume 2- 16-11-2002

"Bulgarian and German Hand Grenades Vol 2"

Dimitar Mitev

Written mostly in Bulgarian, there are English translations for  all photos.  Many many photos and diagrams.  This book is a must have for anyone that needs to know about grenades.

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"Hand and Rifle Grenades"

Written in Russian, the book covers grenades from WW1 and WWII, much of the information comes from Russian Archives.  There is a historical review and catalogue of grenades.  Covers grenades from Russia mainly, but also Germany, Italy, British, US, and others.  Contains much information never before published.  Well worth adding to your library.

Hardcover, 8.5" x 5.5" format.  775 pages.

ISBN 978-5-902835-04-2

The Price in Europe is 35$ plus shipping.  Contact for details and final pricing.  In the subject line put "Grenade book".


New book by Dimitar Mitev

Bulgarian and German Hand Grenades

Volume 1

Written mostly in Bulgarian, there are English translations for some parts of the book and all photos have comments in English.  Many many photos and diagrams.  This book is a must have for anyone that needs to know about grenades.

Soft cover, 11.5" x 8" format, 216 pages

ISBN 978-954-629-012-0

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I'm looking forward to Volume Two!!!


"Grenades" by Rick Landers


Die Zunder der Schweizer Armee 1848-2000

Peter Jaeggi

Another great book!!  This book is written in German but has a table included that translates the most important information into three other languages, English, Italian, and French, a very useful tool.  The book covers the fuzes in use by the Swiss Army from 1848 to 2000.  The book contains a great Grenade section, also sections on Boobytrap and Demolition igniters, Detonators, Mine fuzes, and of course Artillery fuzes.  Over 300 pages with colour photos and drawings throughout.  Well worth adding to your library.

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Imperial Japanese Grenade Rifles and Launchers

Gregory Babich and Thomas Keep

This is an outstanding book, well written, contains lots of information never before put together in one place.  Click on the book to learn more



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