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We, the People of the Planet

Duncan Graham, Global Citizens Association. January 2008

Vancouver BC Canada


The integration of the planet, it has been said, was inevitable after the Del Cano - Magellan circum-navigation of the world in 1522. A hundred years ago Marconi effected electronic closure of the globe with radio. The first flight around the world by USAAF was in 1924. It was sent off by U.S. President Cleveland with the prophesy that inter-continental travel would be by air in four hundred years. (In fact it took only 40 years for air to supersede sea). On 12th April 1961Yuri Gagarin, cosmonaut, circled the earth in space orbit in 90 minutes.

History is being telescoped.

In 1842 Tennyson wrote in his prophetic poem Locksley Hall. Yes, we dip into the future, far as human eye can see. See the vision of the world and all the wonder that shall be. In the parliament of all, the federation of the world.

The planet, it has been said, is a cryptocracy camouflaging its innovators. We now have a planetary community, the brotherhood and sisterhood of human kind, the Nation of Humanity. The world is intra-dependent. But there is no self-government for the Global Village, the planetary ecumene. There is a political power vacuum at the world level. Fundamental crucial issues of peace, security, economic and social justice, human and wildlife rights and ecological protection are planetary in nature. Human sovereignty in a planetary society supersedes national jurisdictions.