Larry Heather
2015 Independent
Candidate For Calgary Heritage
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Larry Heather
2015 Independent
Candidate in Calgary Heritage

"The truth is incontrovertible.
Malice may attack it,
Ignorance may deny it,
But in the end -- there it is."
- Sir Winston Churchill

Never expect a free, energetic, and wise government to originate in the votes of a people in servitude to their own vices.


Government's Most Needed Skill:
The regenerative power of thought
over the uncertain achievements of premature action.

"Hate evil, love good; maintain justice
in the courts. Perhaps the Lord God
Almighty will have mercy... "(Amos 5:15a)

"Success is going from failure to failure
without a loss of enthusiasm."
- Winston Churchill

Calgary Past Southwest (current heritage) Massive Majorities smother Christian values in the voter's
Does Stephen Harper Really Need
the Social Conservative Vote????

A Serious Look At the Voting Numbers
in Calgary SouthWest (previous riding name) for the Last Four
Elections - Does it make sense that most Christians
keep contributing to Stephen Harper Massive Majorities
while he openly neglects social conservative essentials?
What kind of influence are they having by ignoring a
candidates which occupy is their native and natural

Past Calgary SouthWest (Heritage) Electoral District Votes

Stephen Harper
Percentage Of Total Votes to
All Others Combined
CHP / or Ind.
May 2nd, 2011
42,998 75.12 % 13,935 303
Oct. 14th

38,548 72.96 % 14,192 256
Jan. 23
41,549 72.36 % 15,987 279
June 28 2004 35,297 68.75% 16,489 229
May 13, 2002
with Ron Gray
13,200 71.70% 5,221 320

The Results for 2011 Conservative vote substracting 7.000 Social Conservatives for Independent Larry Heather!!!

Social Conservative Impact from Election in Calgary Southwest (Heritiage) : Somewhere on the meter next to Zero and it shows in the kind of brazen disregard given to our issues!

And yet Christians are convinced by the media
that they are saving the day in Calgary Southwest
by voting for Stephen Harper. What ever happened to
voting according to God's convictions
and leaving the results up to Him!!

What If Seven Thousand Christians refusing to bend the knee on their most cherished values, had voted Independent in Calgary Southwest on May 2nd, 2011?
If a incumbent could no longer be assured of victory
by abusing the social conservative
values, what would be the impact?
Profound indeed, because Seven Thousand
principle only voters can eventually sway thousands!

(Estimated from 2008 turnout)

Doing The Math
Estimated Conservative Votes to
Spare Before Stephen Harper
Loses in Calgary Heritage,
after Larry deducts a mere 7,000.
In the first past the post system
at least 6,000 - 10,000 votes!

Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer
to the pattern of this world, but be
transformed by the renewing of your
mind. Then you will be able to test and
approve what God's will is - His good, pleasing
and perfect Will."

See David Warren Sept 2008 Article
on how Stephen Harper has Betrayed
His Social Conservative Base

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Larry's Firm Conviction:
" I believe the most important asset I can bring to the job of Member of Parliament for Calgary
Heritage is my desire to bring to citizens the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
This can only be found by returning to the faith of the founders of Canada, who built this great nation on principles of truth and justice.
We are facing days in the near future, where only a solid rock confidence in the wisdom and blessing of the one and only God of the Bible will endure.
It will be the only adequate support in facing the terrors of our enemies, and the complacency of our friends.
This is the mandate I place before the voters of Calgary Heritage."

FaceBook Page , Larry Heather, Calgary Heritage Independent

Larry Heather *

for the Electoral District
of Calgary Heritage in the Current
2015, October 19th Election

Larry Heather and Jesse Rau speaking about biased media in the 2015 Federal Election

Our Joint Election Video


Larry Heather on A New Breed Of Uncertainty - Public Opinion Election Polling Distortion - - You Tube

Larry is Advocating:

* Protection for the Unborn Child and the Sanctity of Innocent
Human Life.
* Drafting of a Response to the Supremely Arrogant Court
throwing out prohibition of Assisted Suicide.
Invoke the Notwithstanding Clause if opposed.
* National Monetary Reform
on the model of Social Credit
Economic Principles

* Restoration of the Traditional Definition of Marriage
* Restoration Of Capital Punishment for Murder
* Revoking of the Transgender 'Bathroom Bill.'
* A Prohibition of Publishing
Any Public Opinion Polls During a Federal Election.
( At present,
the Elections Act only bans polls
in the last 72 hour, why not go the whole way!. )
To See More on the Manipulation
of Opinion Polls
Go To

The Above Website details the negative
implications of the Nenshi
Election Win
Of October 2010. Social Media
Political Swarming and Public Opinion Polling Distortions
will bring our Democracy to it's knees.

More Questions?

Email Larry in Calgary Heritage

or see Policy Page.

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for your friends in Calgary Heritage

Larry's Window Poster
for Download
- pdf

Larry Full size Print Campaign Brochure - pdf

Are you as a social conservative tired of chewing on leftover scraps
under the table of your elected representative?
You need to check out the
Independent Alternative
in Calgary Heritage and leave second class status behind!

Larry Meeting the Senior Voters

Independent Larry Heather promotes a full return to the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman.
The Biblical standard for healthy family life and sexuality must be returned to for this nation to return to God's full blessing.
This is not a battle for empty titles, but the content behind those titles and by giving out such equivalent rights and privileges the real marriage is demeaned and emptied of it's exclusive place in our society.

Now, will that be a vote in 2029?

Family Supportive Tax Credits

Contact Larry at:

Ph. 253-0676

Larry A Gospel Road Host on AM1140
2001 - 2013

the Mr. morgentaler order of canada
scandal - who pray tell is next?

On The Way To The Poll
- by Larry Heather - September 2008

I said to my friends on the way to the poll
Here we go, pray for better this time
Every time that I come, with a heart that is glum
My ballot to cast, and then back to the manse.

I said to my friends on the way to the poll
Why can't someone stand up for what's Right
I hear Joe's got the stuff, and I say, "Let's Roll,
But the Media Chorus screams 'fringe.'

My friends said to me, on the way to the poll
We know Joe, and what a great guy!
But he doesn't stand a chance, and the Chorus now rants
The Unpardonable Sin of splitting the vote.

My friends said to me, on the way to the poll
Do the best that you can from the lot,
Keep you ear to the ground, and hark for the sound
Of a winner we hope to persuade.

I said to my friends, on the way to the poll
What if God only asks for our part
To vote by His Will, dump the platitudes that kill,
And leave the results up to Him.

Why is it dear friends, on the way to the poll
We keep hoping again and again
By the pollster's jig, and a compromise rigged
To pull off a sleight of hand

Come on now dear friends, on our way to the poll,
See the difference, between day and night
God reigns over all, we should answer His Call
And vote only for one, in the Truth and the Right.

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Remember When Conservative Value Politicians were still consistent in their values and cared about a proper stewardship of Tax Dollars?
Download: The Fork In the Road by the late Alberta Premier
Ernest C. Manning
His 1963 address to the Toronto Canadian Club.
Where have all the good men gone?

Manning On Capital Punishment



How Canada Got It's Name
The remarkable testimony and
influence of
Sir Samuel Tilley
in the naming of Canada and it's
theme Scripture verse from the Psalms
Ps. 72:8
Booklet On the Essential Christian Heritage

Open Season in Canada on All Nine months of pregnancy since the Supreme Court decision of 1988.
This is Barbaric Savagery at it's worst.

"But I've been very clear in this campaign -
I don't believe the party should have a position on abortion. "
- Past Statement of Stephen Harper

The Conservative Party under Stephen Harper will make no attempt to introduce legislation restricting abortion in Canada. This involves a free for all destruction within the womb throughout all nine months of Pregnancy. It has been this way since a Supreme Court decision in 1988. Not one party except the Christian Heritage Party and a few independents have the backbone to speak up
against this unspeakable travesty of inhumanity and degradation.

Will God let Canadians go on with this nonsense
without a terrible judgment falling on us? If He doesn't He will be
obligated to apologize to Sodom and Gommorah!

Previous Eleciton Ad

Same Sex Marriage Divide on Bill C38
Value Illuminator
Homosexual Activism Plan
Progression of Society's Values Mandated By Court/Legislative Action. Expand Definition of Marriage to serve as a prelude of
discrimination if excluded from changed definition. Adult oriented
Close Relationship Theory
(Circular Arguments)
Act/Agent Distinction Merged:
World is in the normal and final State
Condemnation to:
Compassion to:
of Lifestyle
Christian Activism Plan
Progression of Individual's Happiness Mandated by Biblical Worldview of Traditional Family and Internal Values aiding by societal benefits and encouragement to the preservation of familial and societal future.
Sin/ Sinner
Distinction Kept Apart:
World is in a temporarily fallen and abnormal state
to individual
to :
of harmful lifestyle
(Redemptive Salvation to repentant)
of divinely enabled
Freedom and purpose
Gospel of John
3:16, 17
For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son That whoever believes in Him shall not perish But have eternal life For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world though Him.

In Calgary Heritage, Vote Your Conscience!!

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