Dogging is a phenomenon which started in Britain some years ago, which basically involves having sex in public, and encouraging others to watch or join in. I'm not going to go into too much detail - I'm assuming that if you found this site you'll know what it is, and all the various whys and wherefores.

It hasn't caught on in Canada as much, probably due to our climate, but it seems to be growing in popularity. I am hoping to build a community here, and that people will post locations in the forum. We hope that everyone will use common sense and good etiquette. Be safe, use protection, and clean up after yourselves. Leave the location as you found it. This is intended for dogging enthusiasts in Edmonton, Calgary or all over Alberta.

You may ask who made this site? Lady X is a perfectly respectable, ordinary-looking woman who has recently started exploring her kinky side. I have not been brave enough to try dogging, but who knows, maybe one night you'll see me and my man out there!

Dogging Alberta Forum

Feel free to let us know of any links that you should be included, or anything you love or hate about this site!

Who knows what surprises you might find in this car:



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