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Rodney has worked with everyone from doing voicemails for individuals, to productions for small companies, to large campaigns for corporations. Imagine having a celebrity or funny voice appear on your voicemail or commercial, or an entertaining video for your next meeting or function. Rodney is available to do all kinds of audio/video productions and performances. Here are some of his services:
Radio Commercials/Audio Productions

Listen to Rodney's Demo
Final rates are determined by length and mixing. I have original voices as well as impressions. I can also script your production/commercial if you like, my creativity rivals my voice talent. Please email your request, and you should hear back within 2 business days. RD

Rodney Dean As Don Cherry
Let Rodney Dean make a Cherry like production for your team

Here Is A List Of Some Of RD's Happy Clients

Allstar RV, CBC, Coca Cola, Black Tiger Fuels, Burwood Tap, CFB Petawawa, Chicago Joe's Pizza, Computrition Inc, Community Bank, Edmonton Rush, Field of RV Dreams, Healthsource Chiropractic, NHL Radio, Pioneer Chrysler Jeep, Sherwood Dodge, Travelsavers, Unladylike-Certified Album, Uncle Bens, US Feddy Awards, Western RV Country. Radio station list is too long to mention.

Here is what clients are saying about Rodney Dean:

The Coaches Corner video has arrived, and it is incredible. I can’t say enough about what you’ve done for the soldiers and their families. Keep the home fires burning!”

Dr. Don Wright, Chaplain, CFB Petawawa


“Thank you so much for providing the Homer Simpson voice for our album, no one in the studio can tell the difference between yours and the real Homer…”

Louise at Voicezmusicgroup, Unladylike –Certified Album


“Rodney, Just a big THANK YOU once again! Donna's Dinner/Roast was a HUGE success! Everybody in this town has been talking about it. People were almost wetting their pants laughing so hard during Arnold's message. It's a classic.........Terrific job! And the Donald Trump lines brought the house down!”

David C. Stevenson, Golf Professional, Eastchester, New York

"My list of voices is always growing. If there is a voice that doesn't appear on the list, send me an email: to see if I can do it...I love a challenge!" RD
Adam West, Al Bundy, Apu, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barney Gumbel, Bill Clinton, Bob Dylan, Brian Griffin, Bullwinkle&Rocky, Cookie Monster, Dr.Claw, Don Cherry, Don Corlione, Don Pardo, Donald Trump, Ed Whalen, Elmer Fudd, Ernie, Eric Cartman, Genie, Glen Quagmire, Goofy, Grandpa Simpson, Herbert The Pervert, Hermey&Yukon Cornelius, Hulk Hogan, Jack Palance, Krusty The Clown, Ladiesman, Lord Farquaad, Marge Simpson, Max Wright, Maxwell Smart, Mickey Mouse, Mr . Burns, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Hankey, Mr. Mackie, Mr. Smithers, Neil Diamond, Otto, Ozzy Osbourne, Patrick Warburton, Peter Griffin, Randy(Macho Man) Savage, Ricardo Montalban, REM, Sam The Cat, Sean Connery, Seth Macfarlane, Shaggy&Scooby, Shrek, Snagglepuss, Sylvester, Steve Irwin, Sulu, Tattoo, Tony the Tiger, Tone Loc, Uncle Giggles Flintstone, Wierdly&Creepella Gruesome, Willie Nelson


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