Let's face it, being a newbie at anything can be extremely frustrating at times.

  • You find that the Help files just aren't all that much help at all.
  • Samples and examples, that you're trying to learn from, are either too simple or too complex.
  • An interface, component or parameter that initially seems simple turns out to be just not very intuitive, at least not to you.

You spend hours banging your head against the monitor. Why, why, why can't they make this easier to do? You are not alone! There are may of us out there with the same flat forehead that you're getting. I've worked through a lot of "newbie/hobbyist" problems over the years. In fact I consider myself to be a "Perpetual Newbie". The thing is, I think that this is a great thing to be.

Unfortunately, I failed to document what was required to overcome the difficulties that I had in the past, which was kind of dumb. Having that information available now, to pass on to some-one who could use a simple explanation, would be a wonderful gift to be able to give. I'm hoping go back and fix that problem. I also intend to keep track of the times I find solutions to simple problems and share the solutions with you here. I hope you find some-thing that helps you out.

What the heck do I know? Before you read on, learn a bit About Me so you can keep things you find here in perspective. This site is always new and there are numerous errors and omissions, please bear with me while I get things up to speed.

No, I'm not the original "Perpetual Newbie" but it's hardly a title you can lay permanent claim to. It applies to all of us - probably every day. I first heard the term in relation to a number of Delphi articles at UNDU written by Gary Mugford - Idea Mechanic Inc.

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