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Controllers: Past & Present

26 October 2010



Aircraft Accidents

  • Unbelievable!!!! 


Our 1936 Ford  

  • We're Born-again teenagers!

My 1923 Ford

  • Built this car in 1968 in 5 months, when I was 18 and going to Bradford District High School,  with lots of help from Keith, and especially my Dad.
  • My 57 Chev
  • That's a 365 hp 327. It ran great for 3 weeks and then I broke the crank at the rear main.

Laurie Dechert's Watercolours

  • Soo Aviation-flight training has started its operation at the Sault Ste Marie airport on May 11 2006. Whether you are interested in flying as career, hobby, or just want to enjoy scenery of the beautiful north from above, Soo Aviation is there for you.
  • $50 introductory flights...what a great gift for sight seers!

NavCanada's controller info site

  • Good Luck. 

Cousin Wayne Catania's Official Blues Brother's Revival

  • Hell, Wayne looks more like John Belushi than John Belushi does himself

       Click this and see for yourself         ==>    

        Here's the real Blues Brothers        ==>    


Anita Daher's Site

  • This very gifted and attractive lady wrote the book, "Flight From Big Tangle". (I bought the first signed copy. BTW, thanks Anita.)
  • She's now written the sequel "Flight from Bear Canyon".
  • These aviation related books make great gifts for the kids and have been nominated for numerous awards!!!
  • Have a look at her links.
  • A self described "Aviation nut".
  • She's even related to the designer of the SV4 Stampe, a WW1 biplane.

Lightning Hits

  • My near fatal experiences with lightning
  • Turn up the volume


  • Some of my experiences with wolves (maybe they're coyotes??)
  • The howling in the background of this page is from an actual recording of wolves.

Sault Ste. Marie Airport

  • Official site
  • Links: Airlines, Auto Rental Info, Limousines... 
  • Fees, Parking, Services 
  • Directions

Sanderson Field, MI, ANJ

  • Information and procedures for flying into and out of Sanderson Field.


  • Pictures of the tower people???? Animals???? Whatever????

Canadian Aero Communications

  • Have a scanner? Need some explanations and frequencies? 
  • Everything you need to know to understand Air Traffic Control Lingo. 
  • How about every ATC frequency in Canada! 
  • Peter Ivakitsch has done an excellent job with this site.

Unofficial Log

  • Some humorous transmissions...both wise and otherwise!


  • Humour (farmer jokes dedicated to Laurene and Bob Dechert)

Who Wanted Snow

  • Someone said they missed the snow!!!!

Sault College Aviation

  • Program Information

Beautiful Sault Ste. Marie

  •  Information about our great city (Pronounced " Sue Saint Marie ")

Canadian Bushplane Museum


  • A beautiful history of bush flying and forest protection in Canada. 
  • A memorial to a great man and pilot, George Beauchene, a legend Canadian Bush Pilot!

Sault Ste. Marie Web Cam

  • Live picture of the Sault's beautiful waterfront.

Weather Intellicast

  • Great Weather Site...Various radar, satelite pictures and forecasts. 
  • Go from this site to anywhere in the world.

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