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Demonic Empire Gallery submit form created
New Honored Members, badges updated
New Allies: Kirlian
New Banner created by Slotter In
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March 2007
An Alliance application has been accepted. Kirlian is now officially one of Demonic Empire's allies.

New banner uploaded. Thanks to Sotter In for making the new banner.

February 2007
Badges page updated. Thanks to Bill for updating the temporary badges page.

Jade177 has been booted from Demonic Empire and has been added to the banished list for excessive flaming and misreporting a DE member. For more details, see the Guest Forum.

A page for submitting images and videos to be added to the Demonic Empire gallery has been created. To avoid spam, the link is only given to forum members. The link can be found in the Media section of the forums.

January 2007
New Honored Badges have been awarded. Congratulations to Wacho Dude, Astaenia, Draddog, and 35k1m0 K1ll4.

Warnings and suspensions have been given out to 3 members for breaking rule 1 of the General Rules, found in the DE Charter. Please be aware of the rules.

Pure Eastboy has been given the DE Legend rank.

Pure Eastboy retires from Runescape and asks that someone take over maintaining the website. Contact me if you wish to get the files.

A temporary badges page has been made since I do not have time to regularly update the website.

I've noticed that quite a few images have been missing from the forums. I checked on the matter and it looks like the forum hosting the images is down and all images have been moved to a new one. When I get the time, I will fix this problem. For the meantime, please be patient.

Happy New Year to all!

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