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Casa Flamboyan is a brand new two-bedroom house on the Caribbean Island of Vieques, Puerto Rico .

The house is located in the quiet neighborhood of Santa Maria and has wonderful views of the ocean, the neighboring town, and on clear days, mainland Puerto Rico . The house features a rooftop deck, a covered porch, and a shaded patio. The interior of Casa Flamboyan is tastefully decorated with custom made wood cabinets, tiled floors, and Caribbean influenced furnishings.

Tiled floors,mahogany cabinets and luxurious appointments abound in Casa Flamboyan.

Vieques Island is often considered one of the Caribbean 's best-kept secrets. Wild horses roam the land and the Bioluminescent Bay is heralded as one of the world's best and brightest. Nearly 18,000 acres of the Island is part of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, the largest wildlife refuge in the Caribbean , and most of the Island's best beaches are in these parks and a short drive away.

Vieques is a beautiful, unspoiled Island and we like to think Casa Flamboyan is in a great location to see the best of what's around.

View of Esperansa Bay
View of Sun Bay - One of the Many Beaches in Vieques

Whether your idea of a perfect vacation is relaxing on the deck with a drink in hand or heading out to snorkel countless tropical beaches, you can do that and more staying at Casa Flamboyan. See what local attractions are available to you while staying at Casa Flamboyan.

The beach awaits you at Casa Flamboyan