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K -12 Africa Guide - this Web site contains an extensive collection of Africa-related links and teaching materials for K - 12 educators.

AfricaFocus - (K - 12) - is a library of over 2500 stunningly beautiful and evocative photos of Africa.

Africa Online - (3 - 12) - is the companion web site to the new PBS series, Africa.

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Ancient Rome

Journey Back in Time to Ancient Rome - excellent Webquest using cooperative teams and role playing for learning about ancient Roman civilization and the mythology of the Roman gods.

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The Arctic Studies Center - tells the story of the Arctic and its indigenous people.

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Guide to Australia - this site has thousands of links to Australian URL's that are organized into culture, geography, nation, tourism, science and education, towns, trade and commerce, and travel and communication.

Australia Downunder - ThinkQuest activity that helps students discover the wonders of Australia.

Aboriginal Australia - (Grades 4 - 12) - this site is filled with information about Aboriginal Australia you can use in your classroom.

National Capital Exhibition Education Resource Kit - developed for primary teachers by the National Capital Authority : it is hoped through you that this resource will give young Australians an opportunity to learn about the history of Canberra, and the unique and important role the city plays as our nation's capital.

National Capital Exhibition Education Resource Kit - developed for secondary teachers by the National Capital Authority : the history of Australia's capital is full of fascinating stories, many of which will be valued by Australian high school students. This education resource offers you the ideal opportunity to engage with your students through discussion of important concepts such as national identity, national significance and future nation-building.

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Confederation for Kids - Introduction to Confederation was written for young people ages 9 to 13 who are learning about how Canada came to be a country.

Statistics Canada Community Profiles 2001 - to find the population of your city or town.

The Government of Canada - welcomes visitors in both English and French at its resource-rich Web site.


Discovery and Exploration - The Geography and Maps Division of the Library of Congress has categorized manuscripts and maps from the late 15th through the 17th century published during the time when European explorers were gathering information about, and mapping the outlines of continents they explored as well as coastal areas and waterways.

Working with Maps - The United States Geological Survey offers a multidisciplinary set of materials for students grades 7-12 designed to help students learn basic map-reading and map-making skills, and to develop an understanding of how maps can be used as representations of reality.

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Castles on the Web - everything you ever wanted to know about castles.

Castle Learning Center - takes you inside British castles to uncover the true story of this glamorous style of living.

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Countries - The People's Republic of China ranks as the world's third largest nation in terms of land mass. Visit this comprehensive English-language cyber-resource for news and general country information about Chinese culture, politics and society.

China the Beautiful: Chinese Art and Literature - the China Room at this amazing site covers all aspects of Chinese art, literature, and culture in 40 different topic areas.

Egypt: The Complete Guide, Welcome - Facts and pictures abound at this English-language site developed by Egypt's Ministry of Tourism.

Europa: European Union On-Line - Can you name the nations of the European Union? Do you know when the Union was established and for what purpose? Visit this Web site to learn more about the EU's 15-member countries.

Embassy of France - ( 3 - 8 ) - answers many questions about France at this online site.

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Take a virtual stroll down the Avenue des Champs-Elysées or climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower for a grand view of the Paris cityscape at this English-language site hosted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

India : Past and Present - student-created, part of the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of 1997. It introduces elementary school age children to India's 5000-year old culture with information related to language, religion, politics, history, and music and phrases in Hindi and Tamil.

Israel: Ministry of Foreign Affairs - A general information site prepared by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs where
you'll find a variety of English-language information resources about Israel.

The Russia Journal - This English-language Russian newspaper (published in Moscow since 1998) features daily updates of national news, weather and stocks, plus analyses of Russian politics, economy and business.

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Cultural Diversity and Gender Equity

United Nations - Learn more about this international organization and the resources it devotes to
human rights and economic, social and sustainable development around the world.

MADRE - Started in 1983 by a group of women activists, poets, teachers, artists, and health professionals after a visit to Nicaragua (Central America), MADRE (Spanish for "mother") develops programs addressing issues of health, education, economic development, and human rights around the world.

CAMERA Media Report - The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America promotes the accurate and balanced media portrayal of Israel and the Middle East.

A Nation of Many Cultures - Social Studies teachers interested in cultural diversity will appreciate this detailed lesson plan with step-by-step instructions to help students in grades K-5 explore cultural heritage, family background, and ethnic distinctiveness.

Gender Statistics from the World Bank - Search for general or specific gender-based information on the health and economic well-being of women around the world.

Native Americans - Internet Resources - This vast information resource lists numerous source materials on Native Americans, including bibliographies, information about particular tribes, Native American history links, federal policies relating to Native peoples, and native art.

Native Way Cookbook - learn to cook American Indian foods, find authentic ingredients, and explore both culinary and medical uses for plants and herbs.

Native Americans and the Environment - central clearinghouse of information for environmental problems in Native American communities.

Maya Adventure - many interesting online activities to help you get to know the Mayan culture.

Diversity Calendar - here's a calendar of ethnic events, holidays and other special days.

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World Paper Money - currently 14,000+ scans (over 7,000 notes - with individual front and back scans).

World Coins - Interested in the coins of a particular country? These sites provide coin collecting information dedicated wholly or primarily to a specific nation or region or to world coins in general.

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National Geographic Xpeditions - contains over 600 National geographic maps, introduction to key geographic terms and 26 different exhibits from mind-mapping to understanding what constitutes a geographical region.

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World Flag Database - great site for colour illustrations of all the flags of the world's nations.

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Geography World - (K - 8) - this site created by Brad Bowerman, a teacher at Lakehead High School in Jermyn, Pennsylvia, presents the best of the Web organized by geography topic.

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The Great Depression and the 1930's

Great Depression Gallery - Museum exhibit with history and links for the Depression. Try the Kids Pages for activities like "Prices Then and Now," or try "I Remember" from TeacherStuff for interviews with people who lived during the 1930's.

Voices from the Thirties - A collection of interviews from the 1930's, written for the Federal Writers Project as part of the WPA.

New Deal Network - Detailed lessons and links to songs, pictures, webquests and more.

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Human Rights

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library - this site provides access to more than 6,500 human rights documents and materials.

The People's Decade of Human Rights Education - this site is dedicated to human rights learning for social and economic change.

Derechos Human Rights - Derechos is the first Internet based human rights organization.

WITNESS - this site offers a biweekly series of human rights videos introduced by celebrities and advocates from around the world.

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Alaskan Iditarod - official site for the Iditarod dog sled race.

Dogsleds - information about the dogs in the Iditarod with biographies on the mushes signed up to run the race.

Iditarod Webquest - students create a handbook for the Iditarod.

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Imagery - this site offers selected aerial satellite photos of places in the world. Canada seems to be excluded.

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Information Resources

Academy of Achievement - ( 4 - 12 ) - is a virtual museum of famous twentieth century individuals whose accomplishments in the field of arts, business, public service, science and exploration, and sports set them apart from others.

Myth Man's Roman Homework Center - index of all aspects of Roman mythology.

Life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium of Common Knowledge - This website describes what it was like to live in Elizabethan England.

Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow - exceptional teaching project on cities with six complete units with lessons and activities.

The American College of Heraldry - become an expert on the art of heraldic design, then create your own coat of arms using this Web site.

The Robin Hood Project - images, bibliographies, and in-depth information about the celebrated 13th. century British outlaw Robin Hood.

Anthropology on the Internet - outstanding list of anthropology links.

Calendars Through the Ages - (Grades 4 - 12), invites visitors to explore the fascinating history of human endeavor to organize our lives in accordance with the sun and stars. Students can learn about our week and year, exploring the complex relationship between the tropical year and the synodic month.

The Mountain Zone - the Mountain Zone is the definitive source for all mountain related activity. We feature news, stories, live cybercasts, multimedia, tons of photos and full coverage of Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, and Climbing.

Italian Life under Fascism : Selections from the Fry Collection - virtual exhibit on Italian fascism.

Paul Revere Virtual Museum - (3 - 6) - contains five halls of information about Paul Revere and his midnight ride.

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Learning about Navigation

The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia - You may not be able to arrange a field trip to Virginia, but the online curriculum guide provided by The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia enables you to bring information from museum's Mariners' Gallery to your classroom.

Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation - Most students have little or no understanding of the challenges faced by maritime explorers during the Age of Exploration. This site, sponsored by Rice University, is designed to help students gain an appreciation of the dangers these men faced based upon their limited understanding of their world and to trace the growth of knowledge about navigation.

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies - the links on this page lead to hundreds of useful social studies lessons.

AskAsia Lesson Plans - this is one of the most popular destinations on the Internet for information about Asia.

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Atlapedia Online - comprehensive source of information about countries from A to Z.

Graphic Map's World Atlas - is a list of Continents, Countries, Cities, Territories, Dependencies, Continents, Oceans and more.

Map It - Graphic Maps and World Atlas, clip art for students, publications and web sites.

Map Machine - fantastic dynamic world-wide mapping from National Geographic.

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CNN - Every day CNN reporters, in collaboration with classroom teachers, write and post news-breaking articles specifically for this CNN middle and high school student site. Each story also has an accompanying lesson plan or discussion activity for teachers to use in the classroom. - Published in Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Star Tribune hosts an online education section with areas for teachers and parents, students, and lifelong learners. Teachers may download articles that are modified to a grade 4-6 reading level and have pre and post reading questions for students to answer, along with an answer key and other classroom resources to use both on and offline.

Online NewsHour Extra - PBS offers NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Specials for Students, in-depth explorations of topics primarily for high school students.

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THE KIDS' SITE OF CANADIAN TRAINS - created by the National Library of Canada. Trains have played a big part in Canada's history. Discover Canada's train stories from the people who were there!

Railroad Museum History - discover the history of the railroad with historic photos and detailed hyperlinks to help students understand the development of the transcontinental railroad.

National Railroad Museum - A mega site for American steam locomotives, including the famous B & O Railroad Museum.

Union Pacific Railroad History - Profiling the history of Union Pacific and its effort to construct the first US transcontinental railroad, this site has an extensive collection of historic train photos, images, and maps. Included is a short history of the caboose plus a chronological "history of abandoned, railbanked, sold, and leased lines from 1868-Present." A glossary of train terminology is also provided.

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US Resources

Geographic Learning Site - sponsored by the US Department of State, it is for K - 12 students, links with 6 diplomatic regions with an interactive world map.

Democracy in America - obtain information about DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA by Alexis DeTocqueville. - (3 - 12) - fabulous resource for information about the fifty United States.

Statley Knowledge - ( K - 8 ) - is an excellent place for students to begin research on the 50 United States and Washington, DC.

Congress Link Classroom Resources - ( 4 - 12 ) - this site was created as a resource for teachers of government, history and civics.

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Virtual Travel

Geographia - makes a great destination for a virtual field trip. Site contains video and audio clips, photographs, and basic information about the culture, calendar, and cuisine from most countries around the world.

A Travel at Warp Speeds in Turkey - take a virtual time trip through 10,000 years of Turkish history.

Virtual Trip to Brazil - An independent nation since 1822, Brazil boasts more Portuguese-speakers than Portugal. At this Web site you can click a city on an interactive map and travel to Porto Alegre, San Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Natal, and several other Brazilian points of interest.

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World Facts

CIA World FactBook 2006 - comprehensive source of information on all nations. - This "Website to the world" provides cultural, economic, political, and environmental information, plus current news updates for the world's 191 countries.

The Greatest Places Online - the Greatest Places Online is the companion Web site to the Omni Max film of the same name.

Who are the Taliban of Afghanistan ? - discover how the Afghan rebels came to power and learn about their challenges to impose their devoutly Islamic rule of law on people not favourably disposed to accept a fundamentalist regime. - ( 3 - 12 ) - claims to be the best site on the Internet for country data.

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International Education and Resource Network - (I*EARN) links students from around the world to work collaboratively in solving real problems and to share their understandings about each others' culture and their visions of the future.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus - is the section of the United Nations Web site dedicated to children.

Kids Web Japan - This multi-lingual Web site presents a wealth of general information about Japanese daily life, politics, history, nature, climate, traditions and culture aimed at elementary school age children.

"Escape to Freedom Derby" - an online learning adventure.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad for Children - timeline, interactive quiz and character sketches.

Jewish Children's Learning Network - is a page that provides links to information about Israel's history, cities, and symbols.

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