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Golden Books - ( K - 3 ) - this site created by the classic book publisher, Golden Books, has games, e-books, CD-ROMs' and more.

The Literacy Center - (K - 2) - young children can experience language online in the safe surroundings of the Literacy Center. - here find a variety of templates for creating shape boooks.

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Book Reviews

The New York Times Book Review - Sunday book review with bestseller lists and children's book reviews.

Carol Hurst's All Reviewed Children's Books - books are categorized by author, title or grade level.

Book Hive - books are grouped by genre and can be limited by book audience.

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Word Central - Merriam-Webster site filled with word games and teacher resources for using the dictionary.

Merriam-Webster OnLine - online dictionary and thesaurus and more.

Onelook Dictionaries - type in a word and this search looks through 629 dictionaries to find definitions.


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International Children's Digital Library - The world's largest international digital library for children was launched on Nov. 20, 2002. The International Children's Digital Library opens with 200 books in 15 languages representing 27 cultures, with a five-year plan to grow to 10,000 books representing 100 cultures.


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English Usage

The Chicago Manual of Style - is one of the definitive guides to English usage.

English Grammar 101 - (3 - 12) - contains innovative and interactive tutorials makes this complex topic clear and comprehensible.

English Grammar The Easy Way - Everyone can learn English; this site explains English, so that everyone can understand.

Owl - online writing lab from Purdue University with extensive resources for writing, grammar and punctuation.

English Units - ( K - 12 ) - a project of the New Zealand Ministry of Education, this site contains over 100 fabulous English langauge units for grades K - 12.

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Fairy Tales

SurLaLune Fairy Tale Page - ( 6 - 12 ) - tales are categorized by themes and within students can learn the history of the story, read an annotated version of the tale, find out about similar plot lines, and more.

Cinderella Stories - list of dozens of Cinderella resources and versions, many with teacher guides.

Discovering Fairy Tales - thematic unit on fairytales complete with teachers' guides and lessons on fractures fairy tales with instructions for writing your own.

Grim Brothers - clever renditions of 12 Grimms' fairy tales, many with sound.

Fairy Tale & Folk Tale Cyber Dictionary - ( K - 4 ) - complilation of tales illustrated by elementary-level students from around the world who have participated in the ongoing project of creating this wonderful archive.

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Harry Potter

Guide to J.K. Rowling - wonderful list of resources and articles about J.K. Rowling for teachers.

Harry Potter - comprehensive, annotated list of the best Harry Potter Websites.

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Lesson Ideas

Mrs. Alphabet - is an online source for language arts ideas from A to Z.

CNN SF Learning Resources - excellent langauge arts site that uses a featured story from CNN to get students to read news and analyze information.

Outta Ray's Head - (3 - 12) - compilation of an award winning collection of nearly 100 lessons in the subjects of literature, poetry, library, and writing.

Beyond Books - this online subscription service provides curriculum for grades 6 - 12.

Ace Writing - ( Grades 3 - 8 ) - this Web site is full of writing activities and advice for young authors.

What Makes a Good Short Story ? - literary elements of a story are explored in detail as students analyze a short story.

Crossing Borders - contains links to 49 of the top humanities sites and online lesson plans.

System80 Reader - here find lessons in onset, rhyme, word recognition, time and money.

Candlewick Press Activities - (K - 9) - this web site created by Candlewick Press, one of the best publishers of childrens literature, provides activities for students ages 2 - 14 to accompany seven of their sensational books.

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - Looking for reviews of great children's books or for fun-filled (but realistic) ideas on how to integrate great literature into the curriculum? Check out the literature reviews, activity suggestions, and other language art resources at this Web site.

Use the News - is a new service providing teaching materials to educators and its instructional resources, bring the excitement of the "real world" to the classroom.

Laura Numeroff's Web Site - ( K - 6 ) - the author shares her thoughts with students and teachers and describes her writing process, current projects, and her favorite reading material.


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Magnetic Poetry - magnetic poetry has found its way into the classroom.

Haiku Homepage - this website offers teachers and students an introduction to writing haiku poems, a chance to study the history and nature of haiku poetry and an introduction to the fundamental principles of creative writing.

Academy of American Poets - At the award-winning Web site of the Academy of American Poets, you'll find an abundance of literary treats, including critical essays, biographies of more than 200 poets, the text of nearly 600 poems, plus audio clips (in RealAudio format) of 80 poets reading their own work.

Poetry of Robert Frost - Web site of the life and writings of Robert Frost.

Cybertour - Edgar Allan Poe - library index of everything Poe online.

Kidzpage - poetry and verse for children.

Poetry Quest - a detailed webquest with extensive poetry links designed to guide students through the study of poetry and the creation of their own poem.

Sunnie Bunniezz Poetry - lots of story telling activities for K - 12 students and beyond.

The American Verse Project - ( 9 - 12 ) - the American Verse Project is a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press. The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920.

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Crunch - a safe place to publish students' written work on the Web.

Posting Student Work on the Web - By Jeffrey Branzburg, the Internet can be a wonderful place to make your students' work accessible to parents, community members, and others. Discussed in this article are a few ways to make Web publishing happen for you and your students, along with some tips and precautions.

KidPub - more than 40,000 stories and poems written by students.

The Junior Journal - mission is to let young people express their views concerning world issues.

Children's News Express - ( 3 - 12 ) - is a news service in which all reporting and editing is done by children ages 8 - 18.

Something to Remember Me By Legacy Project - based on a 32 page picture book by Susan V. Bosak, inspired the creation of the Legacy Project which offers intergenerational ideas for your curriculum.

Kids Courier - ( 2 - 6 ) - this site created by the National Children's Literacy Project provides a forum for online publishing. links to student-friendly reference sites, book recommendations, cartoons, and some great games.


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Reading Aloud

Kids Storytelling Club - a new featured story each month to get listeners interested in listening to stories.

StoryNet - wonderful storytelling resource with links to children's storytelling.


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Reading Approaches

ABRACADABRA - A Balanced Reading Approach for CAnadians Designed to Achieve Best Results for All, developed by the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University, Montreal, is a highly interactive, flexible, and powerful computer tool designed for use in early elementary classrooms across Canada.

Book Adventure - Book Adventure is a free, non-profit, kid-oriented, on-line reading program designed to encourage students in grades K-8 to read more often, for longer periods of time, with greater understanding.

Compact for Reading - complete online reading compact with parents.

Chicago Reading Initiative - ( K - 12 ) - The Office of Literacy's vision is that all Chicago public school students will function as readers, writers, and critical thinkers in a technologically advancing global society. The Office of Literacy's mission is to provide a framework for high quality literacy instruction that is focused on the four components of the Reading Instruction Framework -- word knowledge, fluency, comprehension, and writing -- to meet the diverse needs of all students. The Office of Literacy's role is to provide professional development that models coherent practices to support educators in implementing effective instruction across an integrated curriculum, and to provide a network of literacy resources for the larger community.

Story Place Preschool Library - ( PreK - 3 ) - based on eleven themes and each containing a narrated story that your students can click on to animate the characters and turn the pages.

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Reading Level

Gunning Fog Index - How to Compute Gunning's Fog Index.


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OnLine Books Page - extensive collection of full-text book resources from Carnegie Mellon University.

The Pulitzer Prizes - find out this year's winners and the ones back to 1917, as well as information about Joseph Pulitzer and how the prizes came into being.

Newbery Medal Home Page - American Library Association provides printable list of the Newbery Award books, award history with the list of criteria for book selection.

Reading Corner - comprehensive, short reviews of children's award books.

Resources for Young Writers - Here are a few of the online resources that are available for young writers.

Six-Trait Assessment for Beginning Writers - here find rubrics for assessment of beginning writers.

BookSpot - ( Grades K - 12 ) - especially for reading teachers, it provides online books, book reviews, reading lists, author information, links to related resources, and more.

Classics Technology Center - CTC aims to bring Classics instruction into the twenty-first century by providing educators with the tools to use computer technology in Classics education.

Scholastic Inc. - launched a new Web site for teachers to help them provide literacy skills including critical thinking, self-expression, and comprehension.

The Scoop - ( 4 - 9 ) - created by Cindy Orban as an online newsletter for independent booksellers. here find activities, adventures, archives, interviews, links and top ten lists. - ( 4 - 12 ) - this site caters to young adult readers and provides author interviews, book reviews, a message board, and an excellent newsletter.

Writing Across The Curriculum With New Composition Tools : Review of tools that introduce students to the craft of writing and its measured practice of invention, drafting, and revision. Both of the programs reviewed here, LCSI's Journal Zone and Sunburst's MediaWeaver, blend visual thinking, illustration and writing tools, and interactivity into robust cross-curricular applications.

Writing With Writers - Online workshops conducted by authors and illustrators.

Proteacher - Writing - here find a wealth of writing resources with dozens of links to writing lesons and activities for elementary and middle school students.

Writing the Journey - this colorful online journal-writing workshop includes exercises for journal techniques such as writing dialogue, discussing issues in your life and other tips and tricks.

Stone Soup - ( 4 - 8 ) - is one of the most established children's literature magazines around.

Internet and Language Arts - ( 9 - 12 ) - developed by Joyce L. Morris, Assistant Professor, University of Vermont has links in 20 different categories from poetry and drama to Web Quests and woman writers.

Children's and Family Literacy Organization Reading Is Fundamental - has launched an educator's resource section on its Web site. Resources for Educators includes professional development articles, recommended book lists, compilations of best Internet sites, reading activity suggestions, and more.

America Writes for Kids - ( K - 8 ) - this site is designed to promote literacy by providing access to real authors online.

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Sites on Shakespeare and the Renaissance - intended for use by students and teachers, this site features links designed for quick downloading.

Shakespeare's Illustrated - The close relationship between literature and art comes to life at this Web site highlighting several visually stunning paintings of Shakespeare's plays. Most of these historical masterpieces were painted between 1760 and 1900.


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Wendy's World of Stories for Children - ( 5 - 7) - site contains illustrated fables, folktales, fairy tales, and campfire stories available for reading.

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By - ( K - 8 ) - stories for children from all over the world searchable by topic.

The Moonlit Road - Ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers.

Stories of the Dreaming - Dreaming Online began as a project for schools led by Aboriginal story tellers. It is part of the Commonwealth Institute's Australia Dreaming program, a season of cultural, commercial and educational events to celebrate Australia. Australia Dreaming ran from 24 June - 25 November 2000.

Story Place - created by the public library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, providing a really nice service called Bookhive. This service categorizes and suggests children's books.

Mark Twain in His Times - ( 6 - 12 ) - this site created by Stephen Railton, Professor of English at the University of Virginia, has done an outstanding job at helping modern readers contextualize Mark Twain.

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries - MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries is a literacy outreach co-sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America and Its goals are to promote literacy and to celebrate the genre more students self-select for recreational reading than any other.

Aesop's Fables - more than 655 online fables with morals and audio for some.

Reading A - Z - is a Web reource of over 264 online books to download as well it has a balanced literacy resource with guided reading books and lessons, decodable books, and read-aloud books.

Myths & Legends - ( 4 - 12 ) - find here an exhaustive list of primary and secondary sources of myth and legend materials available on the Web.

Animal Diaries - ( K - 6 ) - is an excellent online collaborative project that highlights student writing and artwork.

E. B. White - ( 2 - 6 ) - included at this site are activities for many of his books, a biography of White, and online versions of many of his books.


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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day - each day a new word of the day is posted with definition, sample sentence, and "Did you know" fact.

The Quotation's Page - More than 26,000 quotations from famous people and literary works are available for your amusement, enlightenment, or reference at this well-organized Web site.

The Word Detective - ( 9 - 12 ) - The Word Detective on the Web is the online version of The Word Detective, a newspaper column answering readers' questions about words and language.

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