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From the magazine, Teaching Pre K - 8, August/September 2004

Hot Web Sites

Teaching Heart - teachers love to share their resources and this website shows it. This just might be the ultimate teacher-created site, featuring a collection of free back-to-school ideas, organizational ideas, read-aloud books, getting-to-know-you activities and dozens of other categories.

Topic : Archaeology

Ology - OLogy, the Museum's Web site for kids ages seven through twelve, is based on the premise that "everyone wants to know something," and is designed as a place for kids to explore, ask questions, get answers, meet OLogists, play games, and see what other kids are interested in.

Emuseum - this site developed by the University of Minnesota features three floors of virtual museum all about archaeology.

BLM Learning Landscapes - developed by the US Department of the Interior, students can link to various research topics, including archaeology, with dozens of links for in-depth exploration.

Basic Stuff about Archaeology - this site is a great class resource.

History Firsthand - it has been designed to provide elementary children with experiences which enable them to begin understanding primary sources. Students move from personal artifacts to the vast American Memory collections and learn how archival collections are organized, how to interpret artifacts and documents, how to use primary sources to tell a real story and how to do on-line research.

Topic : Self-Esteem and Character

Good Character Teaching Guides - ( K - 12 ) - resources for character and life skills, divided by age group. Each trait has discussion questions, writing assignments and activities.

Character Education - monthly lessons, activities and mini posters about character traits.

Do Something - ideas and project guides for getting students involved in their community and social issues.

Topic : Mentoring Matters

The PREP Center - is dedicated to serving the needs of educators by providing high level professional training. At the heart of PREP Center is the belief that all educators can come together to create an inter-district learning community to pursue common professional development goals.

From the newsletter, Classroom Connect, September 2004

Classroom Today - here you will find Internet activities to do every day.

Lesson Plan Goldmines

Constitutional Rights Foundation Lesson Plans - ( 7 - 12 ) - this site is dedicated to educating tomorrow's citizens.

First Day of School Activities - ( K - 8 ) - here you can select from among fourteen terrific first day of school activities compiled by Kevin Kearney of Breton Education Centre, New Waterford, Nova Scotia.

Washington Courts Lesson Plans - ( K - 12 ) - this site is maintained by the court system

South Dakota Westward Expansion Lessons - ( K - 12 ) - this Web site supplies a superlative collection of links to lessons and activities with a Westward Expansion theme.

Yes, I Teach - ( K - 8 ) - is a service of the Florida Education Association, featuring great resources, including lesson plans, Teacher Tips and a Teacher Survey.

A+ Web Gallery

SurLaLune Fairy Tales - ( K - 12 ) - enter the enchanting world of fairy tales and folklore with 27 colourfully illustrated and annoted versions of the most popular tales.

1904 World's Fair Society - ( 4 - 12 ) - at this site you can explore life as it was 100 years ago. This Web site features magnificent photographs and fascinating links.

Adventures in Science and Technology - ( K - 8 ) - created in Canada, and available in both English and French, this site provides an introduction to the scientific fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, and Computer Science.

Salvador Dali Art Gallery - ( 7 - 12 ) - at this site enjoy the ground breaking artwork of Spanish Surrealism painter, Salvador Dali.

Electric Teacher - ( K - 12 ) - Cathy Chamberlain has assembled an outstanding collection of links and advice for integrating technology into classroom instruction.

Mythography - ( 7 - 12 ) - this site introduces students to the classic retellings of ancient Greek tales.

HyperHistory Online - ( 4 - 12 ) - this site creates a graphical presentation of history in timelines, maps, and lifelines.

Lawrence Hall of Science - ( K - 8 ) - is a wonderful science museum affiliated with the University of California, Berkley. The site contains lesson plans, educational and interactive games, home activities, and other cool stuff. - ( 7 - 12 ) - this site boasts an impressive collection of information related to Napoleon's life and times.

New York City Subway Centennial - ( 4 - 12 ) - this site celebrates the centennial of the New York subway system.

Wikipedia - ( 4 - 12 ) - is an open encyclopedia, which means that anyone, anywhere can contribute an article. It has 6,000 contributors writing over 600,000 articles in 50 different languages, with close to 300,000 articles in the English language edition.

Kids' Corner

At Home with Math - ( K - 5 ) - this site provides an essential link between home and school by giving parents practical, concrete activities that they can use to reinforce math concepts at home.

RIF Reading Planet - ( K - 5 ) - here students can play fun reading and writing-based games online, find good books to read, and write book reviews.

Count Us In - ( K - 5 ) - this site offers 15 different math games that are dynamic, inviting, and entertaining.

Simple Steps to Better Dental Health: Fun for Kids - ( K - 3 ) - students learn abouth teeth and how to take good care of them.

A Tale to be Told - ( 3 - 6 ) - in this WebQuest, students solve a riddle of an abandoned building by reading folk tales, comapring them, and writing their own tales in an effort to return the tattered "RYRILAB" to its former glory.'s Kids Channel: Tiki the Penguin - ( K - 5 ) - this ecologically aware site encourages students to think of ways to take care of the planet earth.

From the magazine, Technology and Learning, August 2004

Topic : How To: Maximize Google By Jeffrey Branzburg

Google is shaking out to be the leading Web search engine, with recent research from Nielsen NetRatings reporting about 40 percent of all U.S. households using the tool at least once in January 2004.

Topic : Classroom Computer Integration at the High School Level By Matt Gildersleeve

As a Continuation High School teacher in a rural central California town, Matt Gildersleeves seldom ceases to be amazed at the many different routes his students took to find their way to his classroom. His students' computer proficiency varies as much as the ways they came to Continuation school (a school for students who have fallen far behind their peers in the amount of units required for a high school diploma).

Topic : What Do You Mean COPYRIGHT Does Not Mean I Have the Right to Copy? By Diane D. Painter

A few years ago a sixth grade student came up to me and asked, "I really like that CD Explorers of the New World. Can I take it home this weekend and make a copy? I will bring it back on Monday."

Topic : What Do Students Need to Know About Cyber Safety? By Diane DeMott Painter

Each school year in celebration of October's Computer Learning Month, we focus on Cyber Safety and Ethics Awareness issues at our school, Deer Park Elementary. This paper outlines our cyber safety and ethics initiatives, and addresses what we have learned about what our students know and what they need to know in order to be safe when using the Internet.

From the ISTE publication, Learning and Leading with Technology, September 2004

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