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From the magazine, Teaching Pre K - 8, October 2003

Hot Web Sites

Digital Storyteller - ( 6 - 12 ) - is a project that provides students an opportunity to take their place alongside the writers and producers of television documentaries and interactive media on the world wide web.

Owl and Mouse - is an extensive resource for free educational software that will help your students explore maps and geography.

Topic : Brochures

Brochure Lesson Plans for the K-12 Classroom - detailed lesson plans for completing a brochure about a place or a project.

Geography Education - lessons, projects and activities for the middle grades aligned to the five themes.

Activities for Teaching Geography's Five Themes - twenty-five ideas to jump-start your geography curriculum.

From the newsletter, Connected Newsletter, October 2003

Lesson Plan Goldmines

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room - ( 4 - 12 ) - here you will find lessons on stage vocabulary and a history of the theatre.

CyberSmart! - ( K - 12 ) - is a free on-line curriculum guide for teaching Internet safety.

Cemetery Studies - ( 5 - 8 ) - this Web site of ideas turns a visit to the local cemetery into an exceptional educational experience.

Frank & Mike's Physical Education Page - ( K - 12 ) - here find a comprehensive collection of physical education links sorted by sport.

The Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character - ( K - 12 ) - this site created by the Boston University's School of Education offers character education resources for teachers, administrators, parents, and students.

A+ Web Gallery

Bank Street Corner - ( K - 12 ) - this site promotes the activities and expertise of Bank Street College of Education to an external audience via the World Wide Web.

ASCD - ( K - 12 ) - much of this Web site is accessible only to members but there are some free resources like professional development opportunities, browse sample materials, and subscribe to ASCD bi monthly newsletters, the ASCD Education Bulletin and Research Brief.

Australian WebQuests - ( 4 - 8 ) - this site will connect you to six excellent antipodean-themed WebQuests. They provide an excellent opportunity for others to deepen their understanding of the history, culture, and people of Australia.

3d&I - ( 4 - 8 ) - this site is intended to introduce students to the world of design.

History Matters - ( 7 - 12 ) - produced by the City University of New York and George Mason University to serve as a resource for teachers of history.

Kids Domain - ( 3 - 8 ) - contains many excellent resources for wired kids.

Newseum - ( 7 - 12 ) - here you can log on to view 198 different front page newspapers from 27 different countries.

Northwest Educational Technology Consortium - ( K - 12 ) - this site offers articles that introduce educators to a variety of important concepts and technologies.

Responsive Classroom - ( K - 8 ) - is an approach to teaching and learning that fosters safe, challenging, and joyful classrooms and schools, kindergarten through eighth grade. Developed by classroom teachers, it consists of practical strategies for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day.

yourDictionary.com - ( 7 - 12 ) - the last word in words, offers an impressive array of word-related services.

Kids' Corner

Trading Around the World - ( 4 - 8 ) - at this site, experience the big business of the International Monetary Fund.

Preschool Express - ( PreK - 2 ) - this site offers free music, stories, activities, and more for parents and educators of young children.

The Science Spot - ( 5 - 8 ) - developed by science teacher, Tracy Trimpe, includes lessons, puzzles, trivia and games for science.

Braille Bug - ( K - 8 ) - the site introduces kids to the Braille code and how the blind use it to read and write.

From the magazine, Technology and Learning, September 2003 -

Topic : Vocabulary

Vocabulary University - Free word puzzles and other vocabulary enrichment tools build word skills at this Web site suitable for individuals interested in developing a richer personal vocabulary, teachers looking to enhance classroom curriculum, and students in home-schooling and ESL programs.

A.Word.A.Day - Subscribe to this free word service and receive a daily Email from the Wordsmith.org "wordserver" with a special word, its definition, voiced pronunciation, etymology, usage in context example, quotation and other interesting vocabulary tidbits.

Oxford English Dictionary: Daily Word - The Oxford English Dictionary (OED), with its 20-volume print or CD-ROM format, is the unquestioned authority on words. Visit OED Online to explore the site's free "word of the day."

Dictionary.com - Another free Word of the Day Email service offering daily Emails with a definition and sample sentences from literature, newspapers, magazines, and other published sources showing how the word is used in context.

Merriam-Webster OnLine: The Language Center - Several vocabulary building tools available free of charge here include a searchable dictionary keyed to the print version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary,10th Edition.

Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder - Many English words we use today come from Greek and Latin. At the free Vocabulary Builder Web site (based on a book and CD-ROM of the same name) you can brush up on those English words complete with pronunciations, definitions, and contextual examples, and discover the meanings of 200 words which derive from mythological names.

TravLang Travel & Language Services - Gain entry to the magical world of other cultures by taking advantage of a host of free foreign language services at this Web site.

SuperKids Educational Software Review - This site provides a powerful combination of tools for educational play. You'll find several entertaining tools and games to improve spelling and vocabulary skills, including Word of the Day (organized by grade level and offering SAT vocabulary review), Hangman, Hidden Word Puzzles (PC only), Word Scrambler, TextTwist, and WHATword? The games are interactive and played online.

Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition. 1995 - The online version of Houghton Mifflin's popular word book includes a searchable database of 35,000 synonyms and more than 250,000 cross-references.

Web Thesaurus Compendium - This user-friendly thesaurus portal provides easy access to several Web based synonym collections.

SuperVoca.com: Your Vocabulary Builder Site - It's easy to build word power using the tools available at this Web site. Test your word skills (20 questions at a time) by taking timed analogy, antonym, GRE Vocabulary and TOEFL/TOEIC Vocabulary multiple-choice quizzes.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills - is a public-private organization formed to define and incorporate into learning the skills that are necessary for every student's success in the 21st Century. The Partnership brings together educators, administrators, parents, businesses, and community leaders to determine how to define and assess these skills, as well as to make recommendations and provide tools for their implementation.

Topic : Science & Technology

A Workshop - Can you really separate science from technology? Tradition says no. And today's tools offer more opportunities than ever for students to investigate, analyze, connect, and create.

Topic : Online Courses

for Reading Teachers - This year's renewed emphasis on teacher quality has prompted a boom in e-learning options for professional development. And given the emphasis of No Child Left Behind, the current topic of choice is reading.

Topic : Publish Your Lesson Plans

Online - As teachers, we have been writing and refining lesson plans and classroom activities on a myriad of subjects for many years. We get ideas and activities from colleagues, and in return provide the same to them. The Internet allows us to expand our group of "colleagues" to include educators around the world. How can we get our lesson plans, ideas, and activities published on the Web for the world to see and use?


From the ISTE publication, Learning and Leading with Technology, October 2003

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