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From the magazine, Teaching Pre K - 8, February 2006

Topic : Hot Websites

Science Explorations - this cool website features in-depth investigations on six major science topics: Animals, Adaptations and the Galapagos Islands, Classify Insects, Journey into Space, Investigate Invertebrates, Beam Up with Bats and Research with Reptiles.

Science for Kids - add science reporters to your weekly current events list to generate some excitement about the world of science. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) sponsors this science news site for kids. Each news feature addresses topics that help bring the curriculum into the real world.

Science News for Kids - covers a wide range of science topics with news articles specifically written for kids. Each article is informative, with colorful diagrams and illustrations to assist students with understanding.

Amazing Space - here's a science resource that is truly out of this world. The interactive lessons and experiments for grades 3-12 are set up to scaffold learning. Detailed information includes a hyperlinked glossary for terms and an extensive Teacher Guide for using the activities to explore science concepts.

Discovery Science Center Kids - The tagline for this science resource is "The amusement park for your mind" ­ and it really manages to live up to this slogan. On this website you'll find Science Experiments, Fun Facts, Brain Teasers and additional Cool Sites. Each of the science experiments lists the materials, the procedure, and offers some discussion questions about the results.

Topic : Inventors & Inventions

Invention at Play - what makes an inventor? Play with inventions in these creative games ­ Cloud Maker, Puzzle Blocks, Tinker Ball and Word Play to begin looking at things in different ways. Don't miss the Inventors' Stories.

U.S. Patent Office - find out how to apply for a patent or trademark. Navigation is easy with the drop-down search menu ­ be sure to go to the Kids section for dozens of fun activities all about inventors and their inventions.

Lemelson Center - Smithsonian resources specific to teachers and students. Don't miss the Centerpieces for outstanding invention exhibits.

From the newsletter, Classroom Connect, February 2006

Classroom Today - here you will find Internet activities to do every day.

Lesson Plan Goldmines

Newspapers in Education Lesson Plans - ( K - 12 ) - these newspaper based lessons correlate with recent state, country, and world events.

The Kids Ecology Corp - ( 4 - 12 ) - this site helps students answer ecology related questions.

CAGIS: Experiments and Engineering Activities - ( K - 8 ) - this site provides students with instructions for five fun experiments including trash bag parachutes, funny putty, simple thermometers, Newton's first law of motion and microscopic plants using bread mold.

Franklin Institute Online Math Collection - ( K - 8 ) - this exciting collection offers several types of challenging math problems.

Lakeview Kindergarten Activities - ( K - 2 ) - this site created by kindergarten teachers Mrs. Jones and Mrs. King offers resources, lessons and teaching tips.

Rhythm Web - ( K - 12 ) - created by Eric Stuer, this site explores musical instruments from around the world.

A+ Web Gallery

High School Ace - ( 9 - 12 ) - one of the top destination sites for high school students, resources include daily content, featured sites, math, English and Global Studies.

Colorworm - ( 2 - 8 ) - this online book written by Patricia Ellison explains the visible spectrum, color wheel, and the painter's palette.

How-To-Study.com - ( 5 - 9 ) - this site offers strategies and tips to help students study.

FFFBI: The Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation - ( 2 - 8 ) - this award-winning Web site introduces students to places and cultures around the world.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone - ( 3 - 8 ) - this site was developed to help students develop their appreciation for classical music.

Pacific Science Center Online Exhibits - ( K - 8 ) - presents interactive exhibits that teach and motivate students about topics relating to Space.

Brain Food - ( 3 - 12 ) - this site contains a collection of 100 brain teasers to challenge students.

Scribbles Art - ( K - 8 ) - this site explores the wonders of art.

Sheppard Software - ( 3 - 12 ) - this site offers an outstanding collection of free educational games for chemistry, geography, vocabulary and trivia.

U.S. Fire Administration for Kids - ( K - 4 ) - this site was developed to help students learn about fire safety at home.

Cells Alive! - ( 9 - 12 ) - at this site view animated cell processes, learn about different infections and review the differences in plants and animal cells.

Kids' Corner

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors - ( 4 - 8 ) - this site developed by the American Museum of Natural History is devoted to the world of frogs.

Woodland Park Zoo - ( K - 8 ) - this site gives visitors the opportunity to study exotic animals.

Transportation and Public Transit - ( 3 - 6 ) - here you can learn about the history of transportation, from Egyptian sailboats to Japanese bullet trains.

Discover Engineering - ( 3 - 8 ) - this site was created for students to learn about engineers and how their lives are enriched by the different engineers work.

Journey Through Japan - ( 6 - 8 ) - here take a virtual tour of Japan to learn more about the country and its culture.

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids - ( 4 - 8 ) - this site lets students explore the great outdoors to learn more about plants and animals, environmental issues and endangered species.

From the magazine, Technology and Learning, January 2006

Topic : Think Outside the Blog

This article written by Tim Stahmer argues that Web logs are great vehicles for an interactive exchange of ideas between a handful of people, but blogs are not as effective when a large number of people want to collaborate, contribute, and easily find information on a given topic. That's when you need a wiki. A wiki is a class of Web site that lets authorized users create and modify pages (sometimes called articles) as well as search for information.

Topic : Cyber Science

This article written by Carol S. Holzberg asks what better way to supplement rigorous classroom instruction, and offer professional development for teachers in math and elementary science than by harnessing free Web resources? Here find many free online resources in the field of science with summaries.

From the ISTE publication, Learning & Leading with Technology, February 2006

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