Many years ago a young Canadian Mountie was cornered in a trapper's log cabin far in the Northern wilderness by an armed and extremely violent man. The only escape was a small window at the rear of the cabin, though because there was no lock on the door, this young Mountie knew that if he stopped pushing on the door to keep the man out and made a run for the window, he would most probably be murdered while trying to make his escape.

He was able to reach a broom that was fortunately leaning next to the door, and wedged the bristle end of the broom under the door handle and wedged the top of the broom handle into a floor crack.

While the man tried with all his might to get into the door, this young Mountie had enough time to squeeze through the window, circle around the criminal and arrest him without a shot being fired.

In the end both the Mountie and as well his aggressor's lives were saved by this policeman's actions.

If not for that broom, David Bar knew his chances of surviving that event would have been non-existent and he never forgot that.

...Many, many years later, a much older, now retired Mountie watched on television with great dismay the horrible unfolding events at Virginia Tech and knew that many of those innocent lives could have  been saved if they could have wedged the doors shut as he had done so many years ago in that trappers cabin.

...And that was the moment  that the idea of the DAVIE-BAR™ first came into being.

After many years of development and thousands upon thousands of dollars of his own money, David Bar perfected his security device.

This is no longer a means-of-last-resort, as an old broom wedged into a trappers cabin door, though is instead a light-weight, massively strong and simple to use security device that will prevent intrusion into any door - home or away from home.

Even though it weighs only one pound, it will prevent an intruder from gaining entry even if the intruder weighs several hundred pounds and is throwing his (or her) entire weight at the door.

It's so portable that it can easily fit into a small briefcase and be taken with you wherever you go, and it is so strong and well engineered that it will last for life - in fact it just may be what saves your life.

The little security chains on a door are of no deterrent at all, as they are very easily snapped, the lock - even a dead bolt lock is only as strong as the door frame and the half inch area that the dead bolt occupies, though because of the design of the DAVIE-BAR™, it makes the entire surface of the door an impenetrable barrier.

David did not create the DAVIE-BAR™ to protect your big-screen T.V. or jewelry, he created it to protect you and your loved ones from a monster trying to harm you... because he never forgot that day where a broomstick in the door saved his life in that old trappers cabin so long ago.


In today's fast pace society with its rapidly growing rates of break-ins and violence, the need for personal security has never been greater. Give yourself that extra protection with the DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer which you can use anywhere, anytime to deter intruders and give you time to call for help.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jamming bar is a portable, easily positioned security device designed to provide instant, low cost, basic or back-up door protection for home, office, work, traveling, and many other situations.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jamming device is a bracing strut which, when properly used, provides a resistance equal or greater than the pressure applied to the opposite side of the door, thereby defeating the intruder and giving the room occupant time during an attempted break-in to call emergency help... police, hotel security, a neighbor etc.
Though more and more we hear about home invasions perpetrated on people because of mistaken identity as well as just simply invading a strangers home to rob them - and it is as well unfortunately true that these evil crimes are becoming more and more violent in nature.

Sadly, because of the cowardly and psychopathic nature of the criminals that commit these crimes, the more defenseless the victim is, the more likely it is that these criminals will severely harm or murder their victims.


Don't expose yourself to any unnecessary risk when the DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer can give you, your family and your business that extra measure of peace of mind and security.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer will protect you and provide instant back-up security anywhere easily and economically.



Almost everyday in the paper we are reading about the relatively new phenomenon of "home invasion".

At first many didn't feel this was much of a threat to them as these types of crimes were generally perpetrated by criminals preying upon other criminals - mainly for drugs or the proceeds of drugs.


Strong, Lightweight Construction
Easy-Pull Pin Height Adjustment
Keylock Interlocking Design
High-Grade Molded Plastic
3 Section Travel Style
2 Section Home Style
Main Entry
Interconnecting Rooms
Main Entry
Private Office
Rest Rooms
Rear Exit

Main Entry
Garage To House
All Entries
All Rooms
Main Entry
Deck Or Patio
...And Many More Applications
One time buy - no monthly fees compared to an alarm system.

An alarm systems enters into action only after the intrusion has taken place and it is only a signaling device. If the phone line is cut off most of the alarm systems are easy to bypass.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is a proactive system that prevents the break-in. An alarm system is a reactive system only signaling after the break-in has taken place.

The DAVIE-BAR™ gives you time to call for help if needed.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is easy-to-use at home or away from home.

The frightening reality of home invasion plays like a recurring nightmare to those without protection. The DAVIE-BAR™ can be used in combination with other security systems or independent of any other security method.

The DAVIE-BAR™ can help you by providing you with time to call for assistance.

It's easy to use and provides significant protection assuming that the door and frame are reasonably solid. The U-shaped head fits any standard door knob or handle and the foot pad material is highly slip resistant on most normal floor surfaces. The telescopic tubular construction is made from high strength extruded aluminum alloy. Once adjusted to door size, the keyway design locks the DAVIE-BAR™ in place.

Take the DAVIE-BAR™ with you on business trips and vacations to bring added security to hotel and motel rooms. By keeping an extra DAVIE-BAR™ in a room with a telephone, you can create a safe room from where you may call for help... police, hotel security, a neighbor etc.

Manufacturer's Warranty

The DAVIE-BAR™ is warranted to be in good, usable and merchantable condition and fit for its intended purpose. Actual application conditions, in particular, door construction, are beyond the manufacturer's control. Should this DAVIE-BAR™be defective the manufacturer will replace the product.
The Story of David Bar
& How the DAVIE-BAR™
Was Developed

The 3 section DAVIE-BAR™ intended both for travel and home use costs $69.95 Canadian plus shipping.
The 2 section  DAVIE-BAR™ intended for home use costs $39.95 Canadian plus shipping.
Because we ship the DAVIE-BAR™ all over the world, we cannot calculate the shipping charges until we know where we will be shipping your purchase.

Please contact us by phone with our toll-free number, or else fill out the following email form so that we can inform you of the final price. We will contact you with payment and shipping options once you have contacted us.

Shipping is generally quite low if in Canada or the U.S., though can become quite expensive if we are shipping to certain other countries.
Thank You for visiting our DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer site!

If you want to place an order or ask us any questions you can call us at our toll-free telephone number, send us an email or even snail-mail, or you can use the automatic email form below.

We are a small company and will see and respond to every enquiery, we will remember you without having to go through all sorts of departments. David Bar will deal with you personally, just as if you entered his store, so please give us a day or two to respond to your enquirey.

Please be sure to ask about any large quantity discounts, and as well the discounts that are available for educational, shelter, and special needs facilities.

Thanks Again,
David Bar


You can contact us:

By calling: 1-888-289-5990

By emailing:

By faxing: 403-289-5993

By snailmail:

Suite 1
4207 Brisebois Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2G1

Or You Can Use The Convenient Contact Form To The Right.
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The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer is unique in its design with extruded and injected high-strength aluminum alloy.
Designed and developed by a retired R.C.M.P. officer. "Canadian Mountie".
Very portable - A must for unprotected travelers.
Easy to use.
Weighs only 16 ounces
(454 grams).
Telescopes up to 49 inches
(124.5 cm.).
Collapses to 19 inches
(48.3 cm.).
Easily adjustable.
Excellent travel accessory to control your door-ways.
Exceptional personal safety device for your home.
Prevents invasion even after door has been partially opened.
Peace of mind at home or while away from home.
You may feel that there are so many alarm and home security systems available that there is no need for the DAVIE-BAR™.

These systems may help to protect your possessions, though they do not prevent intrusion into your home - in fact they do not even go off until the intrusion has occurred.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is not intended to protect your valuables, it is made to protect you.

Even after an alarm has been activated it can take up to an hour for the police to arrive, that is if they arrive at all. There are so many false alarms, many police forces place a home alarm going off as a least priority concern. A criminal can do much harm to you and your family in an hour.

The DAVIE-BAR™ keeps the criminal out, giving you time to actually call for help. The police consider a 911 call as a first priority.

The criminal act of home invasion is very physical, the DAVIE-BAR™ gives you the physical strength to repel the attack.
Slip Resistant Footpad



Thank you for bringing the Daviebar to market. It has provided me much comfort at night in my home.

I have 3 bars, two for the entrances of the house and one for my bedroom, so I then have two lines of defense. I also have bear bangers and bear spray, and an escape plan.

Unfortunately I picked the wrong guy and survived a hostage taking in my home. After installing the bars I actually have some peace of mind, and I sleep better.

I used to wake up at night hearing footsteps coming down the hallway. Now I know that I would hear the door trying to be being kicked down.

Thank you Again,
Laurel G.



Mr. Davie-Bar,

Sorry it took me so long to reply, but my neighbors' (main computer on our wireless network) computer had crashed, (whatever that means). All I know is my wireless network was impossible for me to connect through.

Yes I have indeed received my new Davie-Bar & 2 E-Mails from you to confirm, and let me tell you how impressed I am with your Business Ethics. You sir, (the President/Owner of the Company/Corporation), has really shown concern and put forth the work/attention too me (the consumer) to ensure satisfaction of your product with no further profits in mind.

This to me is amazing, for there are few intelligent & worthy (willing to put forth the effort) owners of companies anymore. It is usually just a rich guy that has no idea what is going on with his company except if he lost one key employee his company would fall apart. You, however probably do all the valuable work/research for your product & are flooded with staff that think they are worth more than in reality, where in fact they get paid for stuff they don't do & services that they don't provide.

Well for what it is worth, you will stay in my mind as a business role-model and Guru (king), & I have never held anyone with such high regards. I will definitely be passing the word that the Davie-Bar is the best thing you can buy for anyone & yet the cheapest.

Thank you Sir for showing me there are people out there (at the top) that still know how to conduct good business practices.

Your Lifetime Consumer,
Scott W.


Submitted by Klaus G.
Klaus is a retired A/Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Hi Dave,

Just a short note to let you know how much my wife and I, especially my wife, appreciate the DavieBar. We just returned from a 5 week road trip through eastern Canada and the USA. We utilized hotels exclusively and found that even in higher priced hotels there are some interesting security lapses.

My wife has become an expert at finding these. When we book into a hotel the first thing she does is check the place out for cleanliness but right after that she looks at the security. She has found connecting doors that are unlocked and could not be locked. This is a big item when one is staying on the ground floor. Rather than face the hassle of moving into another room or find another hotel, out comes the handy dandy DavieBar, which due to it's short length is easily carried in a suitcase, and is strategically paced under a door handle or into the window sash, providing security, a good nights and most importantly a happy wife. We take a lot of road trips and your bar travels with us at all times.

Thank you for providing such a wonderful travelling tool,



User Comment: You're so awesome, man! I can't believe I missed this for so long. It's just great all round. Your design, man - too amazing! I can't wait to read what you've got next. I love everything that you're saying and want more, more, MORE! Keep this up, man! It's just too good.


You can contact us:

By calling: 1-888-289-5990

By emailing:

By faxing: 403-289-5993

By snailmail:

Suite 1
4207 Brisebois Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2G1

Or You Can Use The Convenient Contact Form Above.

Arm Yourself With The Tough Deterrent Against Home Invasion...
Arm Yourself With The DAVIE-BAR™

The DAVIE-BAR™ is a best seller. If you want to earn a good income selling something that sells itself with a great profit potential, it's the DAVIE-BAR™.

Every door is a potential customer.

We offer a substantial discount if you purchase case-lots of the
DAVIE-BAR™. You can very easily double your investment.

They sell well at any store or shop, flea-markets, door-to-door using flyers & brochures, through websites, face-to-face at any establishment where personal security is a concern, and so many other places.

People who travel to other countries are very vulnerable to assault and need the added security of the DAVIE-BAR™.

Virtually anyone who is concerned about the personal safety of their family and themselves needs the DAVIE-BAR™.

As an independent distributor of
DAVIE-BAR™ you are free to set the price & market the product any way you choose. This is a device that everyone should really have - after all crime does happen to to regular people everyday... it doesn't just happen to other people we read about in the paper.

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about our case-lot orders of 24 DAVIE-BAR'S™ per case.
The DAVIE-BAR™ weighs only one-pound. If you can lift a pound of coffee, you can lift and set it. With the DAVIE-BAR™ you can defend yourself from an attacker who weighs several hundred pounds with almost no effort at all.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is extremely portable so you can take it anywhere you go. There are similar devices, though they cannot compete with the original DAVIE-BAR™ for strength, durability, and portability. In fact many purchasers of the similar devices don't even use them in their own homes because they are so heavy, clumsy, and difficult to set. DAVIE-BAR™ can go anywhere and takes only seconds to assure your wellbeing.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is fully-adjustable.

It can be used to protect you from intrusion from most doors you will encounter here or on any of your travels.

The standard entrance door swings inwards towards the room, the DAVIE-BAR™ will fit and make access impossible to virtually any inward swinging door.

The DAVIE-BAR™ is extremely easy to adjust and set to almost any door. It takes no more than a few seconds to correctly set and fit the DAVIE-BAR™ to make intrusion nearly impossible on any door that you may encounter.

True safety does not lie in your ability to confront and overwhelm your aggressor, it lies in your ability to prevent having to confront your aggressor. The DAVIE-BAR™ stops the aggressor.

The DAVIE-BAR'S™ foot is a remarkable feat of design. It is designed to grip tightly to almost any surface. The foot of the DAVIE-BAR™ took many years and many thousands of dollars to develop to grip positively to any surface that may ever be encountered.

The plastic components of the DAVIE-BAR™ are constructed of the highest and strongest plastic engineered on the world today. The plastic head and footing of the DAVIE-BAR™ took many years and thousands upon thousands of dollars to perfect.

The DAVIE-BAR™ comes in two different styles.

The 2 section style is intended for home use and the 3 section style is for travel use as it can easily fit into a small briefcase when disassembled, though it can also be used for home use.
Very Compact


The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer's unique tubular construction is of high strength extruded aluminum alloy.

Aligned by an exclusive keyway design the telescoping tubes are prevented from rotating to ensure proper orientation and ease of adjustments.

All metal parts are anodized or plated for cleanliness and resistance to corrosion. The head and foot are injection molded of special high strength material to withstand the impact force of an intruder.

The U-shaped head fits most standard door knob or handles. The patented foot-pad material is highly slip resistant on all common floor surfaces: carpet; marble; plastic or  ceramic tile; clay tile; wood; granite; synthetic finishes-to name a few.


Engineered to protect all standard doors whose knob/ handle height is between 34" and 41.5" ( 86 cm and 105 cm ) when adjusted to the appropriate length.


It jams the door, preventing unwanted opening. By forming a 60 degree angle with the floor, it transfers any pressure against the outside of the door downward towards the floor.

The DAVIE-BAR™ Door Jammer is easy to use, goes everywhere, and provides extra protection with any standard door. It's engineered strength keeps doors jammed shut to keep intruders out while giving you time to call for help.


The DAVIE-BAR™ is warranted to be in good, usable condition and fit for its intended purpose.

Actual application conditions, in particular, door construction, are beyond the manufacturer's control.

Should the DAVIE-BAR™ be defective the manufacturer will replace the product.