Tion Medon

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Administrator Tion Medon of Utapau
Tion Medon
Homeworld Utapau
Species Pau'an
Gender Male
Height 2.06 meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Pau City, Galactic Republic

Tion Medon is a male Pau'an and the Port Administrator of Pau City. A gaunt, grey-skinned humanoid, Tion Medon wears elaborate red robes and carries an ornate staff of office. The helpful alien assisted Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars.


A member of the tall, thin Pau'an species, Tion Medon has an unsettling appearance, with glassy, sunken black eyes and a mouth of crooked teeth. However, appearances are deceptive, as Tion Medon is an accommodating, helpful being. As Port Administrator of his sinkhole sanctuary on Utapau, Tion welcomes guests to his city, offering them his services.

Longevity comes naturally to the Pau'ans, and Tion Medon had been Master of Port Administration for Pau City for more than 200-standard years by the time of the Clone Wars. A descendant of Timon Medon, who is credited with unifying Utapau, Tion watches in horror as his committee members are killed by MagnaGuards. Like all Pau'ans, Tion prefers darkness to sunlight, and raw meat to cooked.

In the final weeks of the Clone Wars, Tion Medon was forced to accommodate General Grievous and his associates in his sanctuary. Grievous threatened to destroy Medon's city if he did not assist, or if he were to bring in aid from the Republic. Medon had no choice but to allow the Separatists to use his sanctuary as their base of operations.

Fortunately for the Administrator, help arrived of its own accord, in the form of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Despite the General Grievous' threats, Tion Medon welcomed Kenobi to the spaceport, and divulged helpful information pertaining to the Separatist presence on Utapau. Kenobi, sent by the Jedi Council to track down General Grievous, was able to seek and destroy the Separatist Supreme Commander with Tion Medon's help.

Behind the scenes

  • Tion Medon was played by Bruce Spence.

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