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Species Battle droid
Height 1.91
Manufacturer Baktoid Combat Automata
Type Battle droid
Affiliation Trade Federation, Techno Union, Confederacy of Independent Systems

OOM-9 was a command B-1 battle droid in the Trade Federation's army during the blockade and invasion of the planet Naboo. He was a command droid and was in charge of the invasion force which occupied the planet. He nearly defeated the Gungan Grand Army in the Battle of Naboo, but the destruction of the Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship deactivated all of the Trade Federation's battle droids, including OOM-9, thus marking the end of the Trade Federation's occupation of Naboo.


Battle droid types are shown by color worn on the droid's head, shoulders and chest.

  • None—standard infantry droid
  • Blue—pilot droid
  • Red—security droid
  • Yellow—command droid


  • Due to the abundant mineral resources of Geonosis' asteroid rings, there were many battle droid foundries on that planet.
  • B-1s have the appearance of Neimoidian skeletons, as well as Geonosian bodies.
  • B-1s acknowledge their orders by saying "Roger, roger".

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