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Sarah Winnett was the first of the Winnetts to leave Ireland but several others would follow. While most Irish people were leaving to escape the famine or civil uprisings of 1845, the Winnetts seem to have been property owners. They may have been subject to religious intolerance since they were part of a small Protestant minority living in Killaloe. Their lives may have been threatened by terrorists who attacked anyone who appeared to be supporting the British. Sarah's husband was reportedly a policeman in Killaloe.

Sarah and her husband, William Loane, arrived in Canada with their 6 children between May 1845 and Feb 1847 and settled near Toronto. He quickly established himself as a shoemaker.
Dockside in North America
During the famine, Irish emigrants arrived in New York harbour at a rate of 300 per day for six years.  During the first three quarters of 1846, 42,404 arrived in Canada while 67,792 landed in the United States.

Ancestors and Descendants
John Winnett b. 1745 in Ireland
Richard Winnett b. 1776 in Ireland
Anne Winnett b. 1784 in Ireland
John Winnett b. 1805 in Ireland
Sarah Winnett born in Ireland 1809
John Edward Winnett b. 1836 in Ireland
Henry Winnett b.1814 in Ireland