3rd party Utilities that work with OziExplorer

These utilities either work directly with OziExplorer via the OziExplorer API, or they work with OziExplorer data files (e.g. waypoints, tracks, etc.).

Most of these programs were developed by OziExplorer users. Not listed are a variety of GPS-related or mapping programs that can read and/or write OziExplorer-formated data files. Such programs may be of use if you need to do conversions to/from OziExplorer data. The programs are divided into three categories:

Freeware includes programs which can be used for free, however, they may require registration. If the author accepts donations, and you use the software, please make a donation. Many freeware (and shareware) programs cannot be used for Commercial, Government, or for-profit activites without paying a fee. Shareware typically has a licence, and usually requires a payment for you to continue to legally use the program - please respect the author and either pay for the program, or delete your copies. Commercial software may have a time-limited demo period, or a demo version, but requires payment to use the full version of the program. Some programs may be listed in more than one category, if they have multiple versions (e.g. a 'Free' and a 'Pro' version).

If you know of a program or utility that should be listed here, have the program's author contact me at dave at patton dot org. I will need the author's name, the URL for the program, a brief description of the program, and which category it should be listed in.