Dave Patton's website

This website contains information and resources on a variety of topics. To find out more about the website, or to contact me, see the About page.

The Degree Confluence Project page provides an overview of how I became the Canadian Coordinator for the project.

The GPS pages contain information about the use of Global Positioning System receivers, including links to some useful resources.

The Maps page contains information about digital maps. The Map Comparisons page lets you compare various Canadian digital map products, and the Canada Landsat-7 images page provides information about Landsat-7 satellite images for Canada.

The Software page has information about some of the mapping/GPS software I use. The DRGMapCal page is about my shareware program DRGMapCal, and the OziExplorer Info page contains information and resources for the OziExplorer program. The CANgrid page is for an OziExplorer utility program that I wrote.

The Photos page contains a few of the photos that I have taken at various times and locations.