David John Harrison
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved son, father, brother and friend, Dave Harrison.

Dave passed away peacefully at home January 20, 2000.  Dave lived in Winnipeg for his entire 41 years. Dave was employed by the CPR since 1979, initially as a Stationary Fireman, then went on to perform a variety of duties within the railroad.

Left to treasure Dave's memory are mother Joan; grandmother Mary; sister Lynn; brother Peter; nieces Nicole and Larissa; and his cherished son Blake, who held the largest place in Dave's big heart.  As well, Dave will be fondly remembered and sadly missed by his closest friend Jeff and an entire host of family and friends.

Dave was a consummate entertainer.  He lived and loved to make people laugh. His keen sense of humour, coupled with his razor-sharp wit enabled Dave to keep those around him in stitches.

Dave was an avid thrill-seeker.  His adventurist side could never resist indulging in activities with an element of danger. Some of his fondest moments were spent bungee jumping, wheelstanding street bikes at 70 mph, etc.  His enthusiasm for such activity earned Dave the nickname "Rock."

Dave was a gifted musician.  He possessed an extraordinary ability to express himself through his lyrics and musical arrangements.

A service celebrating Dave's life was held on Friday, January 28, with Rev. Peter Kane officiating and eulogies given by his close friends Shelley Fraser and Colin McCowan.

In lieu of flowers, donations to a trust fund for Dave's son may be made to Blake Flynn in care of the Bank of Montreal, 330 Portage Avenue.

"If something happens to me, what I would like is that everyone who's ever cared or been touched by me in some way for the good, to say a prayer to God so that He may let me in His kingdom and to forgive me of my sins. If I can't help other people now while I'm living, there is nothing I would love more than to be a guardian angel for eternity to help anyone who needs me. I want to be remembered by people for what they found that made them happy (bad jokes, my music), or whatever good memories they have of me that made them smile."

                                                                  - Dave Harrison

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