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For 30 days we lived aboard the MV Discovery
outside deck
  stern pool deck   the bar on the stern
  plan at deck stairs
The MV Discovery was
launched in 1973 but re-
fitted in 2002.  It's small
at 22,000 tons, slightly
larger than our BC ferries.
  The stern pool deck is a
popular place for soaking
up the sun.  In rough
weather everything is
bundled and lashed.
  The swimming pools are
small, but adequate for
cooling off.  Cocktail
parties spill out onto this
  Each stair landing has a
ship's plan.  Both bow
and stern have stairs and
elevator.  Capacity is
about 600.
  bar supplies
  hot tub
Four elevators are very
  As with any cruise ship,
the booze is never far
  Two hot tubs are above
the stern.
  The ship's lifeboats and
tenders are well used
because many remote
ports have small docks.

card room

The captain, upper right, is very accessible.  He
makes his own announce-
ments each noon and loves to tell stories at cocktail parties.

A small gymnasium looks out over the stern.  Several cardio machines and hand weights are available.  There's a great water cooler also.

Bridge is popular aboard the Discovery.  There are daily discussions and games.  Lectures about the features along route are presented daily.

One shop with clothing, jewelry and sundries is located mid-ships.
shop displays


top deck

Central landings display specialty shop items.

The ship usually maintains satellite contact.  We were sold 12 hours for $40.  Terminals are available or you can use a laptop.

Walking on the observation deck is fun.  Eighteen circuits make a mile.  
Very comfortable sitting areas make for pleasant cruising in any kind of weather.


lido deck

more lido
The library (left door) opens each day.  Bars are located in several places around the ship.
The purser's office is efficient and pleasant.  The shops area visible on the deck above.

A second swimming pool is located under glass on the Lido Deck.  Buffet food is also served here.
The Lido buffet was a popular alternative to the dining room, especially for breakfast and lunch.
inside cabin

food plate


sales desk
Cabins on Discovery are functional but not fancy.  Our inside cabin had plenty of storage and very firm beds.

Many of the food plates were works of art but the substance was sometimes lacking.  Fish was always fresh and local.

Dining celebrations are fun and frequent.  The waiters and other staff are excellent.

Many passengers are repeat customers.  A sales desk offers "deals" for follow up cruises.