Sadly, Shaw has informed customers it is retiring their web applications in March 2017.

I currently have 9 webpage themes which encompass over 70 separate pages. I am simply too overwhelmed with the idea of having to transfer all the info and set up new webpages.

My gardening pages have been running for two decades. The last few years, I have been lax in updates and mused of retiring. In 2016, I did not manage to post anything. Life got in the way. I surmise nobody but me will really miss them just hanging around; I can't see anybody actually looking back to 1997.

So, in 2017, my gardening pages will just quietly slip away. It's been a slice! Thank you to everyone who has emailed me over the years. I've had a lot of fun but I'm getting too old.

This map shows the layout of our lot. Click on a camera to see the corresponding view of my garden.

See what's happening in my garden in 2015!

See what was happening in my garden in 2014!

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Plant List
For those interested, this is a list of perennials I grow. All these have proven to be easy-care perennials for me. I DO NOT fuss. I try to dead-head in summer, I water (of course) and I divide ONLY when I need more plants. I fertilize them once in spring and ensure weeds are pulled until the plants are big enough to smother them out. My favourite plants? Thanks for asking! I think I'd pick hostas, daylilies, lady's mantle and Campanula carpatica.

Garden Pets and Artwork

A mostly picture-only page of STUFF (besides plants) found in my gardens.

The Cottage
The family cottage on Lake Manitoba, near St. Laurent, also has gardens.

Gardening Links
(Last updated Jan 2013.) I enjoy looking at personal garden tour pages (like mine!). This is my collection of other personal garden pages. If you have a garden I can visit and add to the list, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you. (On the other hand, if you have a commercial gardening site, if you are selling something, if you are a simply a gardening resource, i.e. if it is not your very own personal garden, please do not email me.)

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The title banner was made from a photo of my water hyacinth.
Background on this page created by me.

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