Rutland Family TaeKwon Do
4th World Championship
July 10-14, 2002, Toronto

Champs return with medals, memories

GTF World Champions at Kelowna Airport.From left:
  • Daniel Choo (head instructor)
  • Suzie Pahnke (adult sparring gold medalist)
  • Brandon Dray (age 12 and 13 pattern and sparring gold medalist)
  • Tom Ahtila (age 10 and 11, sparring gold medalist)
  • Laura Grant (age 14-17, women's pattern gold medalist)
  • Ray Cameron (senior, sparring gold medalist and bronze for pattern)
Tom Ahtila and Val (Mom) at airport welcome home
Val proud of her son Tom with Gold medal in sparring
Brandon Dray with 2 gold medals, sparring and pattern
A happy Mr. Cameron with a gold in sparring and a bronze in patterns

Photos courtesy of Kelowna Daily Courier

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