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Rutland Family TaeKwon Do

The Rutland Family TaeKwon Do Society is a Tae Kwon Do school in Kelowna BC, registered under the Society Act of British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing affordable Tae Kwon Do training, and promoting Tae Kwon Do as a family activity. We specialize in Children's Programs. The school is a member of the Global TaeKwon Do Federation (GTF).

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What is Tae Kwon Do?

TaeKwon Do is an unarmed self defense which originated in Korea. Tae means to kick, strike or block with the foot. Kwon means to punch, strike or block with the hands. Do means the way, art or technique. TaeKwon Do uses hand techniques of Karate and Kung Fu and foot techniques of ancient Korean Taek Kyon.

Benefits of TaeKwon Do:

  • Discipline - We enforce good rules of behaviour in class.
  • Channel Aggression - Gives children a positive outlet for all their energy.
  • Assertiveness - We teach confidence building drills in class.
  • Self Defense - Practical, proven self defense method that could save your life.
  • Fun! - We make the class fun and students learn much faster
  • Self Esteem - When kids earn their belts, it gives them a sense of accomplishment that really improves the way they feel about themselves.

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What Do You Learn in TaeKwon Do?

Students will learn discipline, improved body coordination and strengthening of muscles. They will also learn the "can do" thinking that will build self esteem and confidence. They will make good friends and have fun. It is much more than self defense.

  • Courtesy
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Self Control
  • Indomitable Spirit

Who Can Learn TaeKwon Do?

Anyone can learn TaeKwon Do, from children to seniors. Children should be 4 years or older to participate with parents. You donít need to be physically fit to take TaeKwon Do. Students progress at their own pace.

Rutland Family TaeKwon Do acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia.
Seana testing for her yellow belt

A Brief History of the Head Instructorís Experience:

  • Began TaeKwon Do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1977 with Master Lai.
  • Continued Tae Kwon Do training in Regina in 1989 with Master S.S. Han and in Kelowna in 1990 with Mr. Black.
  • Received Black belt in 1994, 2nd Dan in 1998, 3rd in 2000, 4th in 2002.
  • Completed I.T.F. Instructor Training Course, taught by General Choi in 1995.
  • National silver medal in sparring and bronze in pattern in 1996.
  • Attended 4th GTF World Championship in July 2002, with 7 students who brought home 6 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze.
  • Started Rutland Family TaeKwon Do in 1997, expanding to Glenmore in 2000, and downtown in 2001.

Objectives of Teaching TaeKwon Do

  • To assist others in developing and improving their mental and physical capabilities.
  • To provide at a reasonable cost of physical fitness programs to Rutland families.
  • To introduce the tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit

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