The "New" Dalton Boys

Ride Again!


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Welcome to  the Dalton Boys website. 

I have always had an appreciation for classic automobiles,

one of the many things I  inherited from my 

father. In turn I have passed this love on to my youngest son.

We are indirectly related to the old west "Dalton Gang" and we (3) all 

share the same name.


What you will find in the following pages is an on-going 

journal of a three generation automobile craze.

First up is the Patriarch. K.F.'s 1958 Buick Special

Secondly K.T.'s 1938 Dodge Brothers Coupe

Lastly, K.J's 1968 Javelin SST.


Current and ongoing joint projects: K.J.'s 1940 Chev Coupe


By clicking on the pictures below you will be taken to the corresponding history and pics.




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