Jim Collette GEOS software now Public Domain

January 16, 2005
Jim Collette and Maurice Randall have agreed that GEOS Software written by Jim, including the Collette Utilities Disk distributed by Click Here Software (http://www.cmdrkey.com), is no longer viable as a commercial product and can now be considered Public Domain.

The Collette Utilities Disk is available in .D64 format on the download page of the CUE web site (http://members.shaw.ca/cue64) and will be added to the next version of the geoSpecific PD/Shareware CD.

The Collette Utilities Disk contains some of Jim's best GEOS software but a number of the utilities have been superceded by functionality in the Wheels upgrade to GEOS and by the PostPrint program. Both Wheels and PostPrint have been written by Maurice Randall.

Programs included on the Collette Utilities Disk include:

Font Editor 2.5 - create standard GEOS fonts, MEGA fonts and Perfect Print fonts
Font Changer - change fonts and point sizes in geoWrite documents
geoWizard - run one GEOS program without closing one already in use
geoWizDump - screen dumper for use with geoWizard
MiniDesk - Desk Accessory (DA) for copying and deleting files
Select Printer - DA for changing Printer Drivers
DOS_Wedge - DA for sending commands to disk drives
AutoAlbumAdd - DA for easier handling of Photo Scraps
PS.Processor - create customized PostScript output
PS.Patch (disk) - patch geoPubLaser for disk output
PS.Patch (GC) - patch geoPubLaser for geoCable output
LaserWrtr 2.1GC - geoCable version of LaserWriter Printer Driver

This collection of programs will greatly enhance your use of GEOS. Some of the programs, not including geoWizard, work as written under Wheels. If you want to use geoWizard with GEOS make sure you read the documentation first.

Make sure you read the 'Readme PD' file on the disk for information on Easter Eggs in geoWizard.

Collette Utilities Disk Side A (171 KB .D64 file)
Collette Utilities Disk Side B (171 KB .D64 file)

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