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Commodore Users of Edmonton

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This site has been online since January 18, 2005.
The site was originally hosted at another provider since March 1, 1997.
This file updated December 26, 2012 by Bruce Thomas.


December 26,2012 - Maurice Randall's Finder app for Wheels added to the download page.

October 3, 2011 – On the download page I've updated the Cleve Blakemore page with a link to a Map and Hints page for Vault of Terror. These used to be on the VaultOfTerror web site but that seems to have ceased to exist. I've also added a link to Barry Carter's Sky Travel Easter Egg site from the Sky Travel page. Barry has put up pictures of what the Easter Eggs look like.

June 9, 2005 – order your own printed copy of the geoPublish Tutorial

Club Info and Merchandise

Welcome to the on-line home of the Commodore Users of Edmonton (C.U.E.) computer user group. This page was created on a C-128D using The Write Stuff Word Processor. The CUE Logo was created on a C-64 using CAD V4.0 by Stephen Nye.

Thanks for stopping by and please return regularly to keep up to date with the Commodore Users of Edmonton user group.

Items of interest regarding CUE include:

CUE was one of the sponsoring clubs for the Commodore Vegas EXPO (CommVEx) which took place on July 30 – 31, 2005 in Las Vegas.
Check the CommVEx web site for all of the details.

Enjoy the Internet and your Commodore computer. They are still a good machine that can do most of what the average home user needs.

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This site is WAVE Friendly!

If you wish to send e-mail concerning this site and the computer club to Bruce Thomas please feel free to do so.

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