Project Bush:: 1984 "Nissy" 720 4X4
2.4L (24Z) 5 spd (Project Log below) 17jan2008

VEHICLE HISTORY :: Left for dead 2 yrs ago because ran on only 4 plugs, problem thought to be distributor pick-up. p/o bought/installed 4 other j/y distributors thinking all j/y distributors prolly came from trucks someone else didn't want to spend money on(new dist=$352), concluding the j/y distributors must also be bad. Truck has 250K km's on it.
REQUIRED INFO :: Clutch pedal switch when released causes a relay under dash to squeal-disconnected? Gas tank leaking, could be from the way I mounted it, frame flex may have split it?
AQUIRED INFO :: Haynes 1980-1987 Nissan repair manual Engine Type: Nissan Z24 - Inline 4 cylinder 4 Stroke Years - 1984 - 1986 / 146.8 c.i.d / 2.4 L / 2389 cc Bore x Stroke: - 3.50 x 3.78 - Compression Ratio: - 8.3 : 1 Power - 103 hp @ 4800 RPM - Torque - 134 lbf·ft @ 2800 RPM The firing order is 1-3-4-2. The rotor rotates counter clockwise Q= what years/models share the same parts/engine etc.. Z24 motor? A= '84 through '86 Z24 engines are basically the same. '86 was the last year for the Z24 and first year for the 'new' Z24i with Throttle Body Injection. The Z24i will swap with the Z24 if the TBI is removed and the Z24 carb/manifold/distributor and drive spindle are used on it. Pre '83 front suspension will not swap onto the '84 or newer trucks, nor will the front brakes or rear differential. The '81 and on FW5W71B 5spd will switch (just check length) The post '86 Hardbodys used the C type shifter with integral transfer case. The 2wd 5 spd might work, don't know about length. If it's the same length it should work. The '84-'86 rear differential carriers, (C-200) do not match the later '87 D21 Hardbody's H-233. The '83 and '84 boxes and hoods are the same, but not the ones before or after. The '83 boxes may still have a stamped Nissan tailgate,with a Datsun decal on them, the '84 was the first fully Nissan truck. The '83 through '86 dash is different from previous years and has round gauges and optional clock and tach, very nice. Cornering lamps, bumpers, front aprons, headlight cases and grilles are consistent between the 1983-1986 models. Most other body parts (like fenders) are interchangeable between any model year.(tyvm datzenmike)
TROUBLESHOOTING :: - Check the first fuse at the far left hand side in the fuse box. - One set of plugs (intake?) are powered directly through fusible link via ignition switch. - The second set (exhaust?) are run through a 10 amp fuse. - The ignition switch provides power to the ignition module in the start and run positions. - If the switch or contacts are bad, during start up it fires and runs but when the switch is released into the run position there is no power and it stalls? - The timing is slightly advanced because of the shorter burn time with two plugs.
MAINTAINANCE :: - set the valve lash and while valve cover is off check chain stretch - set the idle and mixture, set timing, check all vacuum hoses - inspect air filter, plugs, leads, cap/rotor and wires to both coils - replace fuel filter, located at frame near right rear spring front shackle. - there is a small fuel filter on banjo fitting at inlet pipe to carburetor. - electric fuel pump has internal filter but do this one last only if necessary.

Datsun/Nissan Forums :: [*THE BEST*] (Most of the above info came from this site)Thanks guys!! BC4X4 NissanHelp NissanTruckForum Datsun/Nissan Parts :: NissanPartsZone Nissan Sites To Chek :: vid of running 2.4 1984 Nissan 720 comments

Project Log ::

09nov2011 - made/installed manual choke
No time/patience, to get auto-electric over-engineered choke to work right.
Enough black smoke I say! Runs WAY better this way.

It felt SO good to destroy this!!

01nov2011 - new rebuilt alternator Replaced the original after the battery light started the on/off routine, then totally off.

25oct2011 - used 1988 aluminum radiator Mount came loose on original rad, rad jumped up and the fan bit into the lower hose, killing the fan and rad instantly. Shaved down blades to for balance till new fan arrives.

22sep2011 - new water pump 2 days before a hunt . . . but I know the Nissy loves me.

14aug2011 - shiney new paint job

28jun2011 - new hydraulic clutch assembly

23jun2011 - new head gasket

20jun2011 - head off

19jun2011 - timing chain

11oct2010 - starting to look like a truck

11oct2010 - rear light hanger/toolbox

10oct2010 - gas tank

04oct2010 - battery box

04oct2010 - front clip support

03oct2010 - tow bar

26sep2010 - deck work complete

26sep2010 - deck work

19sep2010 - frame work

17sep2010 - frame work

07sep2010 - frame work

06sep2010 - frame work

11feb2008 - cleaned up engine bay

10feb2008 - removed rugs, box, devastated to find frame grossly rusted . . .

03feb2008 - top anti-freeze, ran engine, heater OK, ripped out rugs, floor rotted at front cab mounts

02feb2008 - replaced missing fuses, found TDC, secured distributor, fired up!!!!!

26jan2008 - poured a wd-40/thinners cocktail into the thirsty Z24.

26jan2008 - no idea what kind of pump this is

24jan2008 - chained up Dodger to drag the 720 off the field, Mazda 15" rims I picked up from j/y no fit over hubs! towed truck home, found the owners manual inside. To cold to do anything tonite.
17jan2008 - vehicle examined and determined to be a worthy project


1984 z24 running
Nissy is employed as a skidder at hunt2011

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