ElderTreks Hiking Tour of Greece
May 2006

In May  of  2006 we took an ElderTreks  Bus/Hiking  tour of Greece.  We came home with over 2000 photos, of which over 500 were of the Greek wild flowers which were in full bloom.  As we left our tour  companions, we promised that eventually we would post some of the best pictures on our website when we got home.  Now, after almost a year here they are. 

Our biggest problem was trying to find names for most of the flowers and putting them on the photos.  In early march of 2007 I made a presentation of  "Wild Flowers of Greece" to our local
Calgary Rock and Alpine Garden Society  (CRAGS)You can see their web site at <crags.ca>. These are a selection of some of the best of the 161 photos I prepared for that slide show. 

One note of caution for  flower officianados:  I am  a newbie when it comes to naming wild flowers from another continent.  I found a very useful set of web pages with names and pictures (http://www.meditflora.com/erbacee.htm )but it is very risky to try to name flowers from pictures alone.  As a result any expert botanist who sees these photos will soon know that many of the names on these photos are SWAGS: "Semi - educated wild ass guesses" 

Ross' behind!
Ross with back packThese 3

Ross getting close upwho
on our
Eldertreks party on trailThis is a
typical trail
that we took
in the Greek
Ross was
always the
last one on
the trail
   A quote from an email I got from Gulin with her pictures:

   "You made me remember all those moments again Ross.
    <>It really is unforgettable for me.
   "I was just thinking which parts I remember most
    from some trips I made to Greece and Libya..  
   And I find myself among flowers
   walking peacefully down the valleys.
   It really was wonderful."
Aloe Vera
Campanula rupicola
Tragopon crucifolius
Osteospermum sp.
Byzantine Monestary
View from Mystras Monestary
Monestary Rock Garden Convulvus and Ornithogalum
Gazania sp.
Mesembranthemum sp.
Olive tree in bloom
Unknown exotic
Callistemon sp. Bottle Brush
Centanurea sp. Thistle
Phlomis fructosa  Jerusalem sage
Muscan comosum  Tassel Hyacinth
Trapagonum sp  Purple Goatsbeard?
Ferula Communis  Giant Fennel
Cercis siliquastrum  Judas Tree
Judas Tree Flower Detail
Limonium sinuatum  Winged Sea Lavendar
Cistus icanus criticus  Rock Rose
Acacia retinodes  Golden Wattel
Anagallis foenina  Blue Pimpernell
Nerium oleander
Mesembranthemum anthemum nodiflorum  Ice Plant
Glacium flavum  Yellow Horned Poppy
Carpobutus aciniformus  Purple Hottentot Fig
White Hottentot Fig ?
Red Hottentot Fig?
Trifolium Purpureum  Cone Clover
Sedum sp.  Houseleek
Euphorbia dendroides  Tree Spurge