Steam Locomotives of the CPR.

Introduction. About this site.

This website intends to document the history of the 3,257 steam locomotives owned and operated by Canadian Pacific Railway. It may hopefully become the Internet's most authoritative repository of information on the steam locomotives operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway. This site can only be made possible by contributors who have generously let me borrow their materials (photos, information, text, etc.) to make it generally available. Please contact me if you would like to submit any materials for use on this site.

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Brief History - A brief history of the locomotives, classes, and types operated by the CPR.
Locomotives by Type - Text and photo information about most of the major classes of steam locomotives.
Preserved Locomotives - Information about all the 48 CPR steam locomotives which are still preserved.
The Database - A database of information about ALL steam locomotives operated by the CPR
Bibliography & Thanks - Acknowledgments for the materials used to produce this web site
CP2816 the Empress - Latest information about the location and travels of CPR's newly restored steam locomotive.
About this site - Technical information about this web site.

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