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The plan is to eventually provide student grade level categories like:

            A. Pre-maternelle

            B. Maternelle à 3 ième annèe

            C. 4 ième année à 7 ième année

            D. 8 ième année à 12 ième année

                        These categories would be selected before proceeding to the subject categories like Général, à
                        Sites de la langue française.
                        Then for each of the grade level categories above, there would be subject categories like Général, à
                        Sites de la langue française.
                        At present there are not enough sites in each grade level category to separate them out.

During the school year 1999/2000 the CPF National President sent a personal note of thanks to the Quilchena School Information Technology Teacher and the Early French Immersion Librarian for their contributions to the development of these tables with the CPF Volunteer Internet Resource Reviewer, L. Wright B.Sc., M.Sc.(Bus.Admin.).

The above tables are from:

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Some of the web sites from CPF's list of French Internet Addresses have
been organized into the above tables for the convenience of students.

NOTE: The internet addresses listed here do not reflect CPF's views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the internet addresses and does not endorse the provider of the internet  address site or any product it offers.


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