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NOTE: The internet addresses listed here do not reflect CPF's views or opinions. CPF is not responsible for the content of any of the internet addresses and does not endorse the provider of the internet  address site or any product it offers.

Some of the web sites from CPF's list of French Internet Addresses have been organized into tables for the convenience of students.


 0010.   Background Information

0015.    CPF Provincial Branch and Local Chapter Web Sites

 0020.   French Immersion Related - General

0025.    Core French Related - General

 0030.   French Education Related

0040.    Culture Related in French

0045.    French Reading Lists

 0050.   French For Younger Children

 0060.   French For Older Children

0070.    French Teaching Organizations

0080.    French Teaching Related

0090.    Web Sites By French Teachers

0100.   Web Sites By French Immersion Schools

0110.   Web Sites By Core French Schools

0120.   Web Sites By French Schools

0130.   French Real Player (or others) For Audio and Video (ie. radio)

0140.   French Related E-mail Lists (listservs)

0150.   French Newsletters

0160.   French Magazines

0170.   French Newspapers

0180.   French Internet News Services

0190.   French Newsgroups

0200.   French Television

0210.   French Music

0220.   Government Information In French

0230.   French Libraries

0240.   French Museums

0250.   Acadian Sites

0260.   French Books

0270.   French Videos

0275.   French Technology Terms

 0280.    French Computer Related

 0290.    French Accents On An English Computer Keyboard

 0300.    French Encyclopedias

 0310.    French Software Related

 0320.    French Internet Related

 0330.    French Internet Search Engines

 0340.    E-mail Pal Cautions

 0350.    Finding E-mail Pals, Class Matching

 0360.    Finding E-mail Pals, Individual

 0370.   E-mail With A Voice Recording or Video Attached

0380.    Internet Phones

0390.   Web Cameras

0400.   Internet Chat

0405.    Internet Forums

 0410.   Creating Web Sites - Instructions in French & English

0420.   Finding Telephone Numbers

0430.   Finding Postal Codes

0440.   French Classified Ads

0450.   French Sports

0460.   French Online Shopping

0470.   French Greeting Cards

0480.   France General

0490.   France's Judicial System

0500.   French Summer Camp

0510.   French Travel Related

0515.   French Work and Volunteer Programs

0517.   French Scholarships

0518.   French Post Secondary

0520.   Finding E-mail Addresses - Instructions in French & English

 0530.   Internet Safety Guidelines

0540.   Fundraising

0550.   Other

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