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0020.    French Immersion Related - General

 CPF (Canadian Parents for French educational opportunities) web site originally developed by Andre Obadia , education professor (french immersion) at SFU

 Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers
 Available in English
 have video “De ses propres ailes…”

Scroll down to 'French immersion: Higher socio-economic background alone
does not account for higher reading performance'.
A new study (reported March 2004) by Statistics Canada reports that French Immersion students
across Canada “outperformed their counterparts in non-immersion programs
in reading performance.”  In the province of Manitoba, the results for
immersion and non-immersion students were the same. These results were
part of a larger study of reading performance of French and English
language students across the country.

 Government of Alberta, Education, Learning Resources Education Centre has
 ‘Yes, You Can Help’ - National Edition
 Information and inspiration for French immersion parents.

Handout page re book, see

Alberta Learning Resources Distributing Centre has
" A handbook For Parents, French Immersion Kindergarten"

Nanduti Early Foreign Language Resource site’s Frequently Asked Questions (“Benefits”) section
 (Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory At Brown University and
 Center for Applied Linguistics)
< http://www.cal.org/earlylang/faqben.htm
(see  CAL in section 0070 French Teaching Related Organizations)

 Nanduti Early Foreign Language Resource site’s Frequently Asked Questions (“Benefits”) section
 (Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory At Brown University and
 Center for Applied Linguistics)
(see  CAL in section 0070 French Teaching Related Organizations)

What Parents Want to Know About Foreign Language
     Immersion Programs.
     Tara W. Fortune, Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota
     Diane J. Tedick, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota

French: The Most Practical Language:  an excellent outline of the
best reasons why to study French produced by Richard Shryock,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

 There is a wonderful book (Written in French) called "Sur le point de l'immersion" that basically tells the history of the Canadian immersion program and the results of research that has been done on and in immersion.
Here is the reference:
Jacques Rebuffot. 1993. Le Point sur l'immersion au Canada.  Montreal:
Centre educatif et culturel, 228 pages.
Centre educatif et culturel, 8101, boul. Metropolitain, Montreal, QC H1J 1J9.
Jacques Rebuffot
McGill University


Notes, by a parent volunteer,  from a dual track early French immersion school, to help answer questions from prospective parents for early French immersion (kindergarten and grade one entry). Also has some information about  late French immersion (grade six entry).

National Capital Language Resource Center (United States of America)
Georgetown University

National Capital Language Resource Center (United States of America)
Georgetown University
The Elementary Immersion Learning Strategies Resource Guide

Famous French Links - recommended by  newfoundland teacher/author of french imersion teacher guide to internet
( also in section  0322. French Internet Related - Collections of Links )

 university of calgary collection of researched french web sites
( also in section  0322. French Internet Related - Collections of Links )

Online resources for language immersion education
( also in section  0322. French Internet Related - Collections of Links )

American Council on Immersion Education

Normandale French Immersion School, Minnesota, links for parents
( also in section 0037-1. French Education Related - General )

Guide to French Sites and Services on the Net
( also in section  0330. French Internet Search Engines )

everything you wanted to know about the online world in france
( also in section  0330. French Internet Search Engines )
(discontinued site)

Official Languages Support Programs

L'immersion en français au Canada - French Immersion in Canada
Le ministère du Patrimoine canadien - The Department of Canadian Heritage

Faculté Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Web site dedicated to providing information on French immersion to educators and others.

The Institute for Language and Education Policy is a newly formed (2007), nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting research-based policies in serving English and heritage language learners (in the US). We are teachers, administrators, researchers, professors, students, and others who believe that the time for advocacy is now.

Canadian Council  on Learning - The Minerva Lecture Series was created to foster discussion between
Canadian learning researchers and citizens from across the country. The Minerva Lecture Series is a unique opportunity to understand how research can inform and affect learning for all at different stages of life.
PODCAST of  2008 April free public lecture  “Early childhood bilingualism: Perils and possibilities” by Dr. Genesee,  a world-renowned scholar of bilingualism, language development and language immersion programs, a Professor of Psychology at McGill University and the author of numerous scientific research books and reports on language learning in children.
CCL believes this presentation will appeal to anyone interested in issues pertaining to bilingualism in education, second language learners, immersion, and the challenges associated with accommodating the varied needs of learners from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
CPF recently commissioned Dr. Fred Genesee to conduct a review of  the research on the suitability of French immersion for "at risk" students that was published in The Canadian Modern Language Review in the fall of 2007 (per Elyn Dobbs, Chapter Support & Community Outreach, Canadian Parents for French - British Columbia & Yukon Branch).
From the lecture, discover how bilingualism can help support the development of learners from the earliest days of childhood. A dynamic lecture that will highlight the many advantages that come from learning more than one language and will confront the myths that continue to dominate public discussions on bilingualism.

An article about immersion in Utah and a study establishing evidence of a link between living abroad and enhanced creativity.
In the study, published recently in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, students were presented with challenging construction tasks requiring them to think creatively—attach a candle to a wall without allowing wax to drip on the floor, for example. Researchers concluded that students who'd lived abroad tended to think up "the most creative solution," according to Scientific American.
Theoretically, those who learn a foreign language are more likely to take the leap and actually live abroad, which suggests that Utah's program could produce a new generation of creative students

CARLA has published in 2010 the long-awaited handbook entitled “Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-based, Practitioner-informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions.” The handbook is geared toward immersion parents, K-8 teachers, educational specialists, administrators and policy makers who work with dual language and immersion students. Growing out of work led by Dr. Tara Fortune, immersion projects coordinator at CARLA, the book fills a vital need for information on a topic that is fast becoming a widespread challenge as immersion programs become increasingly popular across the country.
The handbook will be available June 1 through the University of Minnesota Bookstore at http://ecommunication.umn.edu/t/172866/2585013/41560/0
More information
About the project: http://www.carla.umn.edu/immersion/learners
To order the book: http://www.carla.umn.edu/resources/working-papers

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