L83 Crossfire

All 1984 Corvettes like mine came with a 205 horsepower 350 V8 'CrossFire' fuel injected engine.

Configurationsmall block Chevrolet V8
(8 cylinders - 90° bank angle)
Displacement:350 cubic inches
(5.733 litres)
Bore:4.000 inches
Stroke:3.480 inches
Torque:290 lb•ft @ 2800 RPM
Power:205 HP @ 4300 RPM
Engine dressed weight:581.2 lbs (263.6kg)
Rods:5.700" length, 2.100" mains, 1037 or 1038 steel, 855 grams
Crank:2.45" main/2.100" rod journals, nodular cast iron (51.85 lbs)

From the Motor Trend 1984 Car of the Year stats:

0-60 MPH7.29 seconds
¼ mile15.56 @ 88.4 MPH

Using my G-Tech performance analyzer, I have measured bests (in stock condition, with ~100,000 kms) of:

0-60 MPH6.55 seconds
¼ mile15.15 @ 94 MPH

L83 Camshaft Specs:

PN 14060655

Lobe Lift0.269"0.276"
Valve Lift0.403"0.415"
(@ 0.050")
Lobe Displacement

Cylinder Head Specs:

PN 14034808

Heads:Iron, casting number 462624
Chamber Volume:76cc
Intake Valve size:1.94"
Exhaust Valve size:1.50"
Intake Port Volume:158cc

Cylinder Head Flow
(@ 28"Hg)


The Crossfire engine has dual 48mm Rochester throttle body injection units with 750-cfm flow combined (PN 17083055), mounted on a 'cross-ram' style aluminum manifold (PN 14057016) similar to the old Z28 units (but with very small ports). The injectors operate at 11 psi fuel pressure. Unfortunately, the manifold on the Corvette has very small runners (to improve low end torque and mileage) that severely limit potential horsepower increases.

The valve covers (R - 14050240, L - 14050239) and air cleaner housing (PN 25041409) are made of magnesium to reduce weight. The water pump (10048919) is aluminum, and the factory equipped this engine with 'shorty' stainless steel headers (R - 1405730, L - 14057029).

The block has 2-bolt mains, and a passenger side dipstick. The crank is cast iron. The oil pan has two baffles (one horizontal and one vertical), and a flat windage tray is attached to the main studs.

An aluminum block off plate is used for the mechanical fuel pump cover on the block, as the car has an in-tank electric fuel pump.

These pictures were taken the day I bought the car in February 1997 and I hadn't cleaned it yet, which is why it's a bit filthy!

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