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Learn BridgeBase

5 lines of Defence and how to use them

Spousal Bridge

Bridge Humor

Bridge Etiquette

Proper Use of Bidding Boxes by Fred Dischman

Losing Trick Count

Was That a Cuebid ?

8 Card Suits

Believing the Opponents (courtesy of Bob Crosby)

Doubling Slams (courtesy of Bob Crosby)

Bidding Judgement and Understandings (courtesy of Bob Crosby)

Advanced Decisions (courtesy of Bob Crosby)

Improving Forcing NT (Perry Khakhar)

Other Defence notes

Forgive Me Partner (Larry Cohen)


Opening Leads

Third Hand High

Signals and Discards

Stress at the Bridge Table (courtesy of Bob Crosby)

The art of Balancing

Slam bidding made easier

The 5 level belongs to the Opponents

Was that a penalty double

Count , count , count

Match Point strategy

ACBL Alert procedures

Imp team tactics

Hand Records ..North South Practice Hands

My Convention Card with Laura plus a System Quiz and other agreements.