List of Conventions

ABC responses to Weak 2

ACOL 2 Bids

ACOL 3NT Opener

ACOL 4NT Opener

Ambiguos Diamond by Marvin French

Ambiguous Splinters





August 2D (variation of two-way Stayman over 1NT)

Baby Blackwood


Baron Version 2


Benjamin 2 Bids

Bergen Drury

Bergen Raises

Bergen Splinters

Big Club

Big Club(defense)

Big Club(another defense)


Blue Club Calgary Casual Style by Alex Knox


Brozel Rescue Bids



Cha Cha

Chapman Relays

Checkback Stayman

2 Way Checkback Stayman

Checkback after jump to 2NT

Comic NT

Confi(Controls/Fit by slams with 2 balanced hands)

Constructive Raises


Crash over 2 Clubs

CrashDak by Drew Cannell

Criss Cross/Flip Flop

Cuebid shows Limit Raise or better

Dan and Dan's Ultimate System


Double Barrelled Stayman

Doubing 3NT



D.S.I.P Doubles(Bob Crosby)

Dutch 2 Hearts

Dutch 2 bids ( defense )

Dynamic NT

Ekren 2 Diamonds

Exclusion Blackwood

First and Second round controls


Fit Showing Jumps


Flip Flop/Criss Cross

Forcing NT (Perry Khakhar)

Forcing Pass

Forcing Stayman

Foster Echo

Fourth Suit Forcing

Four suit Transfers

Fruit Machine Swiss

Gambling 3NT

Garbage Stayman



Ghestem 2 suited Overcalls

Good Bad 2NT

Grand Slam Force

Granovetter interference over 1NT


Helvig defense to 1NT doubled

IDAK (RHO opens or responds to an artificial club opening)

Ingberman over Reverses

Inverted Majors by Perry Khakhar

Inverted Minors (Kokish)

Inverted Minors (Bob Crosby)

Inverted Minors

Inverted Swiss

Invisible Cuebids

Intermediate Jump Overcalls

Jacoby 2NT

Jacoby 2NT, Improving by Bob Crosby

Jannersten Precision asking bids

Jordan 2NT

Josephine 5NT

Journalist Leads

Judy Relays

Jump Reverse by opener

Kantar Minor Suit Slam Try over 2NT


Kokish game tries

Kokish Rebids After 1D

Kokish RelaysAfter 2C Opener

Kokish Relays (Another Version)

Kokish Relays Modified


Land's Game Try

Lawrence Doubles

Leads (3rd and 5th)

Leaping Michaels


Lebensohl Extended by Bob Crosby

Lebensohl over a Reverse

Lebensohl over Weak 2's

Marvin's French 2 bids

Maximal Doubles

Maxi Raise

Maxi Roman

Maxi Roman Blue Club

Maxi Roman Blue Club Calgary Casual Style by Alex Knox



Mexican 2D

Mini Roman

Mini Splinter

Minor suit Keycard

Modified Muiderberg

Modified Ogust

Modified Suction

Modified Two-way Stayman

Montreal Relay

Moscow Rescue from 1NT doubled


Multi 2D Weak Major/2NT/Strong 4441

Multi 2D Simplified

Multi 2D Ryall/Rigal

Multi 2D Defence (Dixon)

Multi 2D Defence (Kleinman)

Multi 2D Defence (Schogger)

Muppet Stayman

Nagy Game Tries


Negative Free Bids

New Minor Forcing (conversations with Taka)

Niemeijer over 2NT

Obvious Shift

Ogust , Modified

Ogust , (Nick & Peter)

Ogust (Zia)

1NT Forcing

Opening Leads (3rd and 5th)

Over Under 2NT

Pinpoint Astro

Polish 2D

Precision(McDonald + Leppard)

Precision (Berkowitz)

Precision Defence


Puppet Stayman

Puppet Stayman as 1NT-3C

Responsive Double

Reopening Doubles. Mel's Rule of 9

Responsive Double (Taka)

Reverse Drury

Reverse Drury with Kokish Game Tries & Constructive Raises

Reverse Romex Drury

Reverse Smith Echo by Bob Crosby


Roman Jumps

Romex Stayman over 2NT Opener

RKC Blackwood

Roman 2D

Roman 2D by Shelly and Woody McHarg

Roman 2D by Bob Crosby

Roman 2D version 2

Rosenkrantz Double and Redouble


Rule of Twenty

Rule of Twenty Six

Rusinow Leads

Sandwich NT

Scrambling 2NT

Serious 3NT


Snap Dragon Doubles

Soloff over 2NT

Soloway Jump Shifts

Sparts Convention

Special Keycard over Preempts

Specific Suit Asks (by Bob Crosby)

Specific Suit Asks (conversations with Taka)

Splinter Doubles

Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC)

Stenberg (Alternative to Jacoby 2NT)

Step Responses to 2C

Stolen Bids

Strong Club

Strong Club(a defense)

Strong Club (another defense)

Strong 2C

Strong 2C with 2 suited hands

Submarine Mini Roman


Suction , Modified

Suction over strong 1C and 2C

Super Confi(bid Grand Slams with 2 balanced hands)

Super Gerber

Support Doubles/Redoubles

Swine (What to do when opponents double your 1NT opener)

Tartan Two's

Texas Transfers

Truscott defence to strong 1C/2C

2NT pre-empt

2 over 1 bidding system

2 under transfer pre-empt

2 Way Reverse Drury

Unusual v Michaels

Unusual v Unusual

Walsh Double Relays

Walsh responses to 1 Club

Washington Standard

Weak NT 10-12

Weak NT 11-14 by Perry Khakhar

Weak 2 Bids


Western Cue

Woodgroves Multi 2D

Woodgroves 2C

Woodson 2 way NT

Wolfe Sign Off